141108 - 55508 Class 141 Driving Motor Second

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Colne Valley Railway

Location History

Mid Norfolk Railway Jul 00-May 05

Current Location

Colne Valley Railway


Colne Valley Railway May 05-Present

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Current Livery

Blue & Grey



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Colne Valley Diesels Ltd






Record Last Updated

7 May 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
55508 was preserved as a complete set with partner 55528. Unlike first generation railcars, it was far more common for Class 141 units to operate in their as-built formations, 55508 & 55528 are therefore preserved as a complete 2-car set, more commonly known by its set number: 141108.

55508 & 55528 were one of the four sets to be saved for preservation, and were moved to the Mid Norfolk Railway having been purchased by Carter’s Coaches of Ipswich.

In October 2002, sufficient work on the set had been completed to enable its first move since withdrawal. 141108 became the first second generation DMU to operate in preservation.

However the vehicles were later deemed as unsuitable for the line, and in 2005 55508 & 55528 were relocated to the Colne Valley Railway, under custodianship of Colne Valley Diesels Ltd.

Under the new arrangement, much restoration work was completed ion 55508 and the set re-entered service in July 2006.

In 2007, the set was sold to custodians Colne Valley Diesels Ltd.

In June 2010, the vehicle was repainted into BR Blue & Grey livery, which suits the vehicle well despite the fact that most Class 141s never carried this colour scheme.

After several years of use, 55508 fell out of favour as a few electrical issues and other required work prevented it from operating reliably so it was withdrawn from service. The vehicle was put up for sale but with no takers was eventually taken off the market.

During 2017 & 2018 repairs were completed and 55508 returned to service in Spring 2018.

55508 & 55528 remain in traffic on the Colne Valley Railway, and operate occasionally on off-peak services and at diesel events.

Future Plans
At least a part-repaint is planned to improve the external appearance of the vehicle now that it is operational again.


141108 (55508 & 55528), just after being returned to traffic on the approach to Castle Headingham, 25/3/18. Vinny Halls


141108 (55508 & 55528), now out of service at Castle Headingham, 25/9/15. Henry Allum


141108 (55508 & 55528) stabled at Castle Headingham, 28/3/12. Ian McLoughlin


141108 (55508 & 55528) in operation during the 2008 TRA convention, 25/10/08. Chris Moxon


55508 stabled during the 2008 TRA convention, 25/10/08. Chris Moxon


141108 (55508 & 55528) during a mini gala on the Colne Valley Railway, 2/7/06. Tony Fox


55508 stabled at Dereham with 55006 visible in the background. Martin Reeve


141108 (55508 & 55528) at the Mid-Norfolk Railway, 16/9/01. Stuart Mackay




The cab, 25/10/08. Chris Moxon


The front saloon, 25/10/08. Chris Moxon


The main saloon, 25/10/08. Chris Moxon