4 Great Western Railway Railcar

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National Railway Museum

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National Railway Museum ?-Present

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National Railway Museum



Current Status

Static Display

Visited Railways

Didcot Railway Centre 77?-88?

Current Livery

GWR Chocolate & Cream


Swindon Steam Museum ?-15

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National Railway Museum






Record Last Updated

13 December 2016


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
Little is known about No4’s preservation life, although it is noted to be a remarkable early survivor of the GWR railcar fleet. It is one of the few (early) examples with streamlined bodywork and, remarkably for a single unit, has a buffet counter fitted.

Reserved for the National Collection, records of No4’s movements are currently incomplete, although it is presumed the vehicle started out at the National Railway Museum’s base at York.

The vehicle spent a period on loan to the Didcot Railway Centre during the late 1970’s (being sighted there in 1977), where it was in the company of classmate No22.

By 2001 the vehicle was noted as on loan to Swindon Steam Museum, where it remained on static display undercover.

In late 2015 the vehicle returned to its home at York for further display.

The vehicle has spent its entire preservation life as a static exhibit.

Future Plans
No future plans have been stated for the vehicle, although it is generally believed that the vehicle’s future is secure owing to its place in the national collection and the vehicle’s restored and complete condition.


Two streamlined icons together: 4 lines up alongside Dutchess of Hamilton around the turntable at York, 10/12/16. Richard Moxon


4 on display around the turntable in the Great Hall at the National Railway Museum, 4/6/16. Brian Battersby


4 indoors and on display at Swindon Steam, 30/7/06. Andy Cole


Complete with viewing steps, 4 inside the museum at Swindon, 19/3/05. Stephen Hughes


4 at 'Steam' in Swindon, 1/12/01. Stuart Mackay