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The Railcar Association is formed of owners of preserved multiple units. This site is dedicated to the history, technology and preservation of first generation DMUs.

Last Update - 1st January 2017

The Railcar Association
Welcome to The Railcar Association website. This version has been online since 2011 (although the "original" website has been around much longer) and visitors can browse the different sections of the site using the menu on the left. More information on who we are and what we do is available on The Railcar Association page.

Keeping Updated
For news updates, please see our News Bulletins which are released six times a year. Short notice items may be included on this page below, but most general updates will be in the bulletin. You can keep track of the updates to each of the sections on this part of the site by checking the Latest Updates section at the foot of this page.

Short Notice News Items

25/12/16: Merry Christmas to all our visitors! Voting is now open for the Railcar of the Year Award so be sure to cast yours.

25/12/16: DMU Group West Midlands/30742 Charters are pleased to announce that plans for a Night Photography shoot at Bewdley Station
are well advanced for Friday 24th February 2017. This will use the five Class 108 vehicles owned by the DMU Group WM and based at Bewdley on the SVR. Full details are still being finalised but we expect the shoot to commence after the days SVR services at around 19:00hrs. The units will be seperated into one three car formation and one two car formation then posed for the shoot. We plan to use the north end of Bewdley station and all platforms. Any proceeds gained from the shoot will be donated to the DMU Group WM for the upkeep of our Class 108 Vehicles.
More details will be released as a when confirmed but we envisage that there will be spaces for 30 photographers on the night.

Please Contact Mark Miller DMU Group WM Webmaster to register your interest for a space on the shoot.

25/12/16: The Winter 2016/2017 Chiltern Bubble Car Diagram is confirmed as running as follows:

06:35 Aylesbury (AYS)-Princes Risborough (PRR)
07:19 PRR-AYS
07:46 AYS-PRR
08:23 PRR-AYS
08:48 AYS-PRR
09:16 PRR-AYS
16:19 AYS-PRR Empty Coaching Stock
17:00 PRR-AYS
17:26 AYS-PRR
18:06 PRR-AYS

15/10/16: Ex video survey unit 55025 has entered preservation following a period languishing at Tyseley. We wish the new owners luck in getting this heavily stripped and modfied vehicle back into a usable condition.

21/9/16: The annual convention was a great success at the Dean Forest Railway this year. A full report of the weekend will be added to the 2016 Convention page shortly. The 2017 convention has now been announced as being held at the East Lancashire Railway, who will be hosting the event for the second time, it being over 15 years since they last did so!

Latest Updates

1st January 2017: Issue 139 added to News Bulletin.
1st January 2017: Preserved Vehicles gallery update.
1st January 2017: For Sale/Wantedupdated.
25th December 2016: Voting now open for Railcar of the Year 2016.
25th December 2016: 2017 Running Dates added.
8th October 2016: Basic Lubricant Theory presentation added to Resources section.
6th August 2016: Driver Experiences are now open for booking for the 2016 Convention.
5th March 2016: FormicaSuppliers added.
30th May 2015: Societies page fully updated and Facebook section added.