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The Railcar Association is formed of owners of preserved multiple units. This site is dedicated to the history, technology and preservation of first generation DMUs.

Last Update - 7th November 2015

The Railcar Association
Welcome to The Railcar Association website. This version has been online since 2011 (although the "original" website has been around much longer) and visitors can browse the different sections of the site using the menu on the left. More information on who we are and what we do is available on The Railcar Association page.

Web Restructuring
During the past five years, the association has undergone some restructuring which has included changes to and at times non availability of our website. Whilst much of the "original" website remains off line whilst it is undergoing update, several sections have been transferred to this section which is now available. It is anticipated that more sections will be included here as time allows.

Keeping Updated
For news updates, please see our News Bulletins which are released six times a year. Short notice items may be included on this page below, but most general updates will be in the bulletin. You can keep track of the updates to each of the sections on this part of the site by checking the Latest Updates section at the foot of this page.

Short Notice News Items

3/10/15: We are pleased to announce that The Railcar Association are now officially members of the Heritage Railway Association. This official representation means that the association for the first time is recognised at a national level, and gives us the opportunity to contribute to debates etc regarding official policy making.

Latest Updates

7th November 2015: Issue 132 added to News Bulletin.
3rd October 2015: A full report of the 2015 Conventionhas been added.
18th September 2015: Preserved Vehicles gallery update.
1st August 2015: For Sale/Wantedupdated.
6th July 2015: Destination blindSuppliers added.
30th May 2015: Societies page fully updated and Facebook section added.
2nd January 2015: Railcar of the Year 2014 announced.
2nd December 2014: Item added to Latest News.
1st October 2014: New Resources section launched.
1st August 2014: August-December 2014 Running Dates added for Llangollen.