Railcar of the Year Award

In 2012 it was decided to introduce the Railcar of the Year award as an informal recognition of DMU vehicle(s) which had been exceptional during the year.

At the start of November nominations are invited from volunteers, enthusiasts and the general public. They are encouraged to nominate up to three railcar/DMU vehicles they feel have special merit during the year. The reason for nomination could be anything from the completion of a top quality restoration to an amusing accident involving the vehicle. Anyone can nominate and any railcar listed in the Preserved Vehicles section of this site can be nominated. At the start of December, the five vehicles in the UK which received to most nominations go forward to the final vote, also public (one person, one vote), to determine the final winner.

Taking Part
At the start of December each year, a link to a nominations form will be posted here for people to nominate their contendors for the award. At the start of December, voting commences which agin is open to all. Nominations and votes are all free and completed online.

The following vehicles have been the recipients of the award (more information about that year's competition is listed on the individual pages):

2012: Y7 Railcar 1212
2013: Class 119 W51073
2014: Class 111 E59575
2015: Class 108 E50619
2016: Class 101/111 E50321/E59575/E51427
2017: Class 105 51485/56121
2018: Class 101 E51228/E56062

2019 Awards
Voting for the 2019 awards will open in December. During November, you are welcome to send any nominations in for consideraion for the shortlist.