Railcar Items For Sale, For Hire or Wanted

Everything from nuts & bolts to entire railcars can be included here. Submissions are welcome from any source.


Class 117 driver's door for Gwili Railway set.

Contact John Roberts. (Item added 18/9/18)


DMU Loudaphone cab unit with handset (not the guards van version with funnel mouthpiece).

Condition unimportant, cash waiting!

Contact Chris Moxon. (Item added 23/6/18)


Class 117 Vestibule Curtain or details of a supplier

Contact David Hunnikin. (Item added 27/2/16, still applicable 23/6/18)

For Sale

Various DMU spares:

Genuine Leyland NAJ1532 and NAJ1533 Outer and Inner Valve Springs for Leyland 680 and L11 en-gines. £50 per engine set (24 springs); includes postage

Window Catch Springs for Class 101 (Widney) Sliding Ventilators, Sheradised. £2 each; includes postage

Final Drive Piston Nuts – British made 1/2BSF Bent Beam Locking Nuts for Forward/Reverse Air Pistons. Can be re-used and dispenses with slotted nut/split pin. £5 pair; includes postage

Genuine Class 101 Guard's Van Letter Racks; designed to fit above guard's corner seat. £20 each; collection only.

Contact Dave Clay - Mobile 07788 447 431. (Item added 5/12/15, still applicable 23/6/18)


2 x Control air pipe dummy couplings

Split pully for a trailer car axle

2 x Deadman's holdover button

2 x large beclwat frames with sliding lights

2 x "Airvac" roof vents

Toilet window

Contact Richard Thornton . (Item added 1/8/15, still applicable 23/6/18)


Four Class 117 large bodyside window frames.

Complete handbrake linkage for the No.1 bogie. Brackets, shafts, links and pins.

Paul Webb . (Item added 12/7/15, still applicable 23/6/18)

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