59701 Class 110 Trailer Second Lavatory

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East Lancashire Railway

Location History

Battlefield Line Mar 93-Apr 94

Current Location

East Lancashire Railway


East Lancashire Railway Apr 94-03

Current Status



Wensleydale Railway 03-Sep 10

Current Livery

BR Green


East Lancashire Railway Feb 16-Present

TRA Designation




Partner Vehicle(s)

51813 & 51842

Visited Railways

Churnet Valley Railway Sep 10-Feb 16


Allan Schofield






Record Last Updated

11 November 2017


Preservation Modifications
Front saloon converted into bar area. Seating rearranged into facing bays in middle and rear saloons which has reduced the vehicle's seating capacity from 72 to 46.

Preservation Information
Withdrawn from Neville Hill (Leeds) depot in 1993, this vehicle was purchased for use on the Battlefield Line as a hauled coach, but following further scrappings became the only Class 110 centre car to survive. In a swap with 59791, 59701 was purchased to be used as a DMU again, joining Class 110 2-car set 51813 & 51842 at the East Lancs in 1994.

Much restoration work on the vehicle was completed during this period, most notably internal "derefurbishment" which involved the removal of orange Formica and strip lighting amongst other modifications.

In 1995 the vehicle (along with the entire Class 110 set) was repainted into BR Green.

In 1996 the roof vents and ceilings were replaced.

In 2001 the set was the star of the annual railcar convention, being used for the driver experiences.

In 2003 the entire set was relocated to the Wensleydale Railway where at one point it was seeing daily use. A bar was installed in the front saloon. The vehicle operated both in a 110 set and with other vehicles on the line.

In 2009 the vehicle was hastily repainted into green on one side following a vandal graffiti attack. Due to other vehicles being out of traffic, 59701 was only being used as hauled stock by this time and was becoming due for some overhaul attention.

By 2010 the vehicle was out of use and 12 months later a loan was agreed with the Churnet Valley Railway so the centre car could run in between twoClass 104 powercars making a hybrid 3-car set. The original loan period was initially only agreed to be 2 months, however the perceived lack of work for the vehicle at its base at Wensleydalelead to the loan being extended on an open ended basis so long as 59701 was maintained in operational condition.

During 2011 some heavy adjustment work was undertaken to the doors to improve their condition and some leaks in the roof were also attended to and the following year the vehicle received a replacement secondhand set of batteries after a set fitted some years previously declined in condition.

During the 2011-2014 seasons 59701 operated approximately 30 days a year in the 104-110-104 3-car formation.

In the autumn of 2014 the resident group who had been custodian of 59701 were unable to reach satisfactory terms to continue operations at the Churnet Valley and relocated to the East Lancashire Railway along with several of the Class 104 vehicles based at the Churnet Valley. This left 59701 without any partners and the vehicle spent all of 2015 in storage, albeit in operational condition.

Early 2016 saw 59701 transported back to its former home the East Lancashire Railway, and following arrival restoration started immediately.

During February, the seating was removed from the rear saloon and the toilet also stripped out which enabled the rear 8ft of the lino and flooring to be removed as it was rotten. The ceilings above and next to the toilet were also removed. This work allowed new lino to be fitted to this area. Throughout the Spring, progress was made on paint preparation and bodywork repairs to the bodysides and ends, but was limited to the mercy of the weather conditions! Mechaniacl work such as overhaul of the vacuum cylinders, was undertaken during this period. Interior work continued, with sliding doors refitted. By July the interior walls had been cleaned thoroughly, and damaged Formica panels repalced with vinyl examples with the exact same pattern. The vehicle was also allowed inside the shed which made exterior progress on the bodysides much easier. On the interior, new lino was fitted where the old was damaged beyond redemption. In August, the interior was approaching completion with the seating refixed into position following repairs where required. Following much bodyside paint preparation work, the first green gloss started to be applied.. By September the soul destroying stripping and repainting of the roof had been completed! The final bodyside painting and lining was also completed during October and all finishing touches applied.

59701 re-entered service in November 2016. It ran for 12 months on a temporary basis in between Class 117 powercars 51339 & 51382, whilst overhaul work on 59701's original 110 partners 51813 & 51842 was undertaken. In November 2017 the full 3-car set was relaunched into passenger service.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


E59701 carrying happy passengers at Ramsbottomm, 5/11/17. Chris Moxon


E59701 stabled at Bury, 3/11/17. Chris Moxon


E59701 seen in service at Heywood, operating between Class 117 powercars 51339 & 51382, 17/8/17. Neil Carr


The corridor at the toilet end completed and painted, 26/9/16. Allan Schofield


Bodysides approaching completion, 24/9/16. Allan Schofield


The first green gloss applied, 20/8/16. Allan Schofield


59701 makes it indoors for bodywork to continue, 22/7/16. Martin Ward


The partly repainted roof (done whilst at the Wensleydale Railway), being resealed as it was letting water in, 19/4/16. Allan Schofield


Bodywork could progress outdoors on the lower sections, 19/4/16. Allan Schofield


E59701 arriving into the compound at Bury during transportation from the Churnet Valley to the East Lancs, 23/2/16. Kevin Dowd


By now in storage again following the removal of the Class 104 powercars from the CVR, E59701 is seen in the stock siding at Cheddleton, 22/6/15. Chris Moxon


Two unique Birmingham centre cars: E59701 is paired with Class 104 TCL M59137 at Cheddleton, 1/3/15. Chris Moxon


E59701's non-lined side seen at Kingsley & Froghall station during a running day, 22/6/14. Chris Moxon


E59701 passes Longshaw Farm on the Cauldon Lowe line on a winter works train, 5/1/13. Chris Moxon


E59701 having some replacement batteries fitted, 21/10/12. Chris Moxon


E59701 in service at Cauldon Lowe, 20/5/12. Chris Moxon


59701's corridor end was revealed again whilst 50455 was having repairs, 13/3/11. Chris Moxon


59701 now operating in a 104 set, 15/10/10. Chris Moxon


59701 being shunted into formation at Cheddleton, 12/9/10. Chris Moxon


59701 being hauled through Froghall making the journey from the loading point to the stabling yard, 11/9/10. Chris Moxon


59701 having safely made the journey from WR to CVR, 11/9/10. Chris Moxon


E59701 in use as hauled stock at Leyburn, 19/8/09. Bill Pugsley


The only preserved Class 110 centre car, 59701, at Shackerstone on the Battlefield line, where it was used as hauled stock. Ian Francis





The middle saloon approaching completion, 2/8/16. Allan Schofield


New lino fitted, 18/6/16. Allan Schofield


Toilet re-floored and reassembly started, 19/4/16. Allan Schofield


E59701's bar in ue at the Rail Ale Trail Weekend, 21/7/12. Chris Moxon


Bar area (front saloon), 21/8/10. Chris Moxon


Middle saloon, 21/8/10. Chris Moxon


Rear saloon, 21/8/10. Chris Moxon


Toilet area, 21/8/10. Chris Moxon