Class 117

Rather suprisingly these suburban units have survived into preservation in remarkable numbers, being one of the biggest DMU classes in preservation. Built by Pressed Steel for BR, these vehicles were originally three car sets, and examples of all three types are represented. Several sets still operate "as intended" as 3-car sets, unlike many preserved classes which run (arguably unauthentically in some cases) as 2-car sets. Their survival is mainly due to extensive use by Network SouthEast and Scotrail, which kept them in service on the national network longer than most DMUs, in a similar story to the class 101s.

In preservation, few have received major work, with most being launched straight into traffic with little attention required. However this trend is slowly reversing with some vehicles undergoing overhaul as wear and tear takes hold. Most have now lost their late BR colours, returning to green (and in some cases blue or blue/grey).

Number Type Location
51339 DMBS East Lancashire Railway
51342 DMBS Epping & Ongar Railway
51346 DMBS Eastleigh Works
51347 DMBS Gwili Railway
51351 DMBS Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway
51352 DMBS Private Site: MOD Long Marston
51353 DMBS Wensleydale Railway
51354 DMBS Private Site: Wishaw
51356 DMBS Eastleigh Works
51360 DMBS Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway
51363 DMBS Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway
51365 DMBS Plym Valley Railway
51367 DMBS Strathspey Railway
51370 DMBS Whitwell & Reepham Railway
51371 DMBS Private Site: MOD Long Marston
51372 DMBS Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway
51375 DMS Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway
51376 DMS Private Site: MOD Long Marston
51381 DMS Mangapps Railway Museum
51382 DMS East Lancashire Railway
51384 DMS Epping & Ongar Railway
51388 DMS Eastleigh Works
51392 DMS Eastleigh Works
51396 DMS Private Site: Wishaw
51397 DMS Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway
51400 DMS Wensleydale Railway
51401 DMS Gwili Railway
51402 DMS Strathspey Railway
51405 DMS Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway
51407 DMS Plym Valley Railway
51412 DMS Whitwell & Reepham Railway
51413 DMS Private Site: MOD Long Marston
59486 TCL Eastleigh Works
59488 TCL Paignton & Dartmouth Railway
59492 TCL Eastleigh Works
59493 TCL West Somerset Railway
59494 TS (Ex TCL) Paignton & Dartmouth Railway
59500 TCL Wensleydale Railway
59501 TCL Great Central Railway (North)
59503 TS (Ex TCL) Paignton & Dartmouth Railway
59505 TCL Private Site: MOD Long Marston
59506 TCL Private Site: Wishaw
59507 TSL (Ex TCL) Paignton & Dartmouth Railway
59508 TCL Gwili Railway
59509 TCL Wensleydale Railway
59510 TCL Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway
59511 TCL Strathspey Railway
59513 TSL (Ex TCL) Paignton & Dartmouth Railway
59514 TCL Swindon & Cricklade Railway
59515 TCL Yeovil Railway Centre
59517 TSL (Ex TCL) Paignton & Dartmouth Railway
59520 TCL Dartmoor Railway
59521 TCL Helston Railway
59522 TCL Great Central Railway (North)


Although not strictly the preservation of whole Class 117 vehicles, a substantial section of 51366 also survives.

Now Scrapped


Number Type Last Location
51341 DMBS Dean Forest Railway
51359 DMBS Northampton & Lamport Railway
51386 DMS Mid Norfolk Railway
51395 DMS Dean Forest Railway
51398 DMS Dean Forest Railway
59490 TCL Swansea Vale Railway
59496 TCL Ecclesbourne Valley Railway
59516 TCL Swanage Railway
59518 TCL Paignton & Dartmouth Railway