59493 Class 117 Trailer Composite Lavatory

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West Somerset Railway

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West Somerset RailwayAug 95-Present

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West Somerset Railway



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BR Green



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51859, 59678 & 51880




West Somerset Railway






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1 July 2014


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Preservation Information
59493 was preserved by the West Somerset Railway in 1995 for use on off peak services. The railway had previously run an interesting variety of different DMU sets but wished to standardise on maintenance, so aquired five Class 115 powercars along with six Class 115/117 trailer cars as a direct replacement for the earlier sets.

By March 1996, 59493 (along with 59506, 59510 and 59515) had been painted into a non authentic carmine & cream livery and formed a vacuum braked 4-car hauled coaching stock rake. Like many suburban centre cars at this time, the vehicle was not preserved as a DMU vehicle, being used as hauled coaching stock because they looked similar externally to some designs of GWR coaching stock.

This dedicated 4 coach set was later disbanded when one of the vehicles was sold on to another railway. 59493 remained on the WSR and was repainted back into BR Green, seeing use once again in DMU sets, in between Class 117 and later Class 115 powercars.

By 2003 the vehicle had been repainted into plain green, this was later lined and between 2005 and 2007 the vehicle ran between Class 117 powercars 51352 & 51376. It then reverted to a loco hauled coach.

Today, 59493 performs a duel role. It can boost the operational Class 115 3-car set to 4 coaches if required, but is also available as a hauled coach and can also boost the length of Mk1 coaching rakes during busier galas when as many coaches are required in service as possible.

Future Plans
To maintain in service


W59493 stabled at Minehead, 11/8/12. Nigel Gould


Confirming that W59493 is still in passenger service, the vehicle is seen here providing additional capacity in a loco hauled set at Minehead, 29/1/11. John Oram


W59493 stabled at Minehead, now repainted into BR lined green. It is now thought that the coach sees duel use as both a hauled coach and a 4th vehicle in the operating DMU setwhen required, 4/9/10. Chris Moxon


W59493 stabled at Minehead, 5/10/08. Bill Pugsley


59493 stabled at Minehead, now repainted into an unlined green livery but still thought to be operating as a hauled coach, 25/4/03. Robert Frise


59493 stabled at Minehead, in Carmine & Cream livery during the days when it operated in a 4-car hauled coaching stock set, 3/10/99. Stuart Mackay