West Somserset Railway

The West Somerset is one of the oldest established railways for DMU operation. The railway is the longest standard gauge steam line in the UK and boasts eleven stations.

Their opening trains in the 1970’s were operated by two Class 103 sets which formed the beginning of a varied fleet which was acquired to provide cheap and reliable traction for the 21 mile line. The Class 103 sets operated an hourly service six days a week.

During the 1980’s the fleet was boosted by a Class 105 set and two Class 100 sets.

With three very different (mechanically) types, the maintenance became a nightmare and the 1990’s saw the railway standardise on Class 115 vehicles, with all five of the older sets being moved on. Sadly two were scrapped. Unfortunately asbestos contamination was a second reason for the major changes in the railways DMU fleet.

Since then, the Class 115s have seen much use and are currently being overhauled themselves after 15 years preservation operation.

51663 Class 115 DMBS
51859 Class 115 DMBS
51880 Class 115 DMBS
51887 Class 115 DMBS
59678 Class 115 TCL
59493 Class 117 TCL