51880 Class 115 Driving Motor Brake Second

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West Somerset Railway

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West Somerset Railway95-Present

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West Somerset Railway



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Current Livery

BR Green (Half Yellow End)



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Partner Vehicle(s)

59678 & 51859




West Somerset Railway






Record Last Updated

3 April 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
51880 was preserved by the West Somerset Railway in 1995 for use on off peak services. The railway had previously run an interesting variety of different DMU sets but wished to standardise on maintenance, so aquired five Class 115 powercars along with several trailer cars as a direct replacement for the earlier sets.

51880 soon became part of a core 3-car set along with 59678 & 51859. It is thought that 51887 was also used when maintenance of 51880 or 51859 was required. 51880 was repainted into a non authentic carmine & cream colour scheme, and performed for many years operating WSR services.

In 2007, with the exterior of the 3-car set having become worn in appearance, 51859 was repainted into the more appropriate BR Green

2008-2013 saw 51880 operate all DMU services in 3-car formation with59678 & 51859, and could on occation be strengthened to 4-cars with the addition of 59493.

During Winter 2013/2014, 51880 received some remidial work, with the cab interior restored, bodywork completed and an overhauled engine fitted.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


W51880 arrives into Williton with the 18:00 Bishops Lydeard-Minehead, 3/9/16. Chris Moxon


51880 undergoes maintenance at Minehead, 7/6/13. Nigel Gould


51880 in service at the WSR, 1/6/12. Sicco Dierdrop


51880, 59678 & 51859 in service at Minehead 10/6/11. Wibble45


51880 entering the main platform at Minehead, 4/9/10. Chris Moxon


51880, 59678 & 51859 alongside Class 52 D1010 a Bishops Lydeard, 13/6/10. David Beardmore


51880, 59678 & 51859 in service on the WSR, 24/8/08. Alan Padley


A freshly repainted 51880 at Minehead, 9/5/07. Rabbi WP Thinrod


51880 stabled at Minehead, 25/4/03. Robert Frise


51880 in service, 2/4/02.


51880 at Williton, 17/8/00. David McGuire


51880, operating as a 3-car set at Williton, 2000. John Law


51880 in operation on the WSR, 1/10/99. Stuart Mackay


51880, 59678 & 51859, freshly repainted, stabled at Minehead, 25/8/96. Michael Wadman




A saloon view of 51880 at Bishops Lydeard, 27/3/18. Dave Henwood


51880's front passenger saloon, 3/9/16. Chris Moxon


51880's middle passenger saloon, 3/9/16. Chris Moxon


51880's guards van, 3/9/16. Chris Moxon