Class 103

Three of the 20 two car sets built by Park Royal Vehicles Limited in 1957 were saved for preservation. However most vehicles have faired quite badly, with three now having gone for scrap, leaving a single 2-car set with another trailer car, which is stripped to a shell.

The deteriorating condition of most of the vehicles was brought about due to them being preserved as cheap traction rather than in their own right. The future is brighter however as all three survivors are currently under restoration having changed ownership.

Number Type Location
50413 DMBS Helston Railway
56160 DTCL Private Site: Denbigh
56169 DTCL Helston Railway


Now Scrapped


Number Type Last Location
50397 DMBS Private Site: Swansea
50414 DMBS West Somerset Railway
56168 DTCL West Somerset Railway