56495 Class 108 Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory

Home Railway

Kirklees Light Railway

Location History

Northampton & Lamport Railway 94-Oct 99

Current Location

Kirklees Light Railway


Dean Forest Railway Oct 99-Jun 08

Current Status

Static Display


Kirklees Light Railway Dec 08-Present

Current Livery

Blue with baloons!



TRA Designation


Visited Railways

Midland Railway Butterley (Contract Overhaul) Jun 08-Dec 08

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Record Last Updated

1 January 2017


Preservation Modifications
The exterior is fairly original, however little remainof the interior which has been stripped out and modified heavily for use as a party coach/function space. The floors are laminate throughout!

Preservation Information
56495 was preserved at the Northampton & Lamport Railway in 1994.

The vehicle was later aquired by the Dean Forest DMU Group in 1999 where it joined three Class 108 vehicles at the Dean Forest Railway. The intention was for 56495 to join DMBS 51914 creating a second Power-Trailer set.

Restoration was steady and although 56495 was operating as part of a four car set less than a month after its arrival, there was considerable work still to be completed, so the vehicle did not see regular passenger use.

In 2008 the Dean Forest DMU Group aquired TSL 59387 and DMCL 51566 in order to form a 3-car set with 51914. This rendered 56495 redundant from the collection, and the vehicle was sold to the Kirklees Light Railway.

In mid 2008 the vehicle went to the Midland Railway Butterley for contract restoration. It was repainted green and made suitable for use as a static classroom. This involved a bogie swap between several other vehicles with 56495 gaining the most worn examples, as they would not be required for its new role.

By the end of the year, the vehicle had been moved to its new home at Clayton West where it was used as a static coach.

In 2015, the vehicle was brightened up by receiving a repaint into "party blue" with bunting and baloon logos on the exterior.

Future Plans
To continue to be used as a party/function space.


The corridor end of 56495, 5/9/16. Luke McMahon


56495 remains at kirklees, 9/15. Ian Dobson


56495 having recently been repainted into a fun livery, 8/8/15. Lewis Matthew


56495 at Clayton West, 27/4/11. David McGuire


The vehicle is a static display, to be used as a base for schools and groups visiting the railway, 10/12/08. Stuart Ross


On arrival at the Kirklees Light Railway. Note the Met-Camm style lining! 8/12/08. Stuart Ross


In the yard at Butterley, in the company of 101 692, Derby Lightweight 79612 (blue)  and Class 108 51935, 27/9/08. Daniel Adkins


The vehicle was loaded onto a lorry on the evening of 9/6/08 (after delivering M51566 behind from Peak Rail) which took it to the Midland Railway Butterley the next morning, 9/6/08. Chris Bull


Stabled at Norchard, it's extensive restoration well advanced, 7/5/07. Daniel Adkins


56495 undergoing bodywork restoration, 7/4/03. Chris Walker


56495 in the platform at Norchard on the Dean Forest Railway, 16/6/01. Stuart Mackay