Midland Railway Butterley

The Midland Railway Butterley was one of the most firmly established DMU centres in the UK, and for many years now has held the record for the total number of vehicles to be found on one site.

Three DMU groups were active on this three mile line which runs between Hammersmith and Riddings (the latter just a run round loop), passing through stations at Butterley and Swanwick Junction along the way. Swanwick Junction is the location of a large museum site including many sheds and displays. However, the DMUs are normally based at Butterley where there is a two road carriage shed, one road of which can often contain a DMU vehicle. However around the mid 2000's there was a move away from DMU's and two of the resident groups departed for pastures new.

Of the resident sets, most are geographically and historically appropriate and are a showcase of types that were originally built by the (nearby) Derby works of British Railways. Sets from classes 108, 114, 115 and 127 are all Derby built DMUs resident on the line. These are supported by a Second Generation Class 141 set which has carved a niche and has operated many of the line's off peak services, particularly during winter months.

Additional DMUs from other railways can periodically be found on the line for contract restoration and repair works, the services for which the railway has a good reputation for providing. These are also undertaken by Carriage & Wagon in the Butterley works.

50015 Class 114 DMBS
50019 Class 114 DMBS
51118 Class 100 DMBS
51591 Class 127 DMBS
51610 Class 127 DMBS
51625 Class 127 DMBS
51669 Class 115 DMBS
51849 Class 115 DMBS
51907 Class 108 DMBS
51937 Class 108 DMBS
55513 Class 141 DMS
55533 Class 141 DMSL
56006 Class 114 DTCL
56015 Class 114 DTCL
56097 Class 100 DTCL
56484 Class 108 DTCL
56490 Class 108 DTCL
59609 Class 127 TCL
59659 Class 115 TS