51625 Class 127 Driving Motor Brake Second

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Midland Railway Butterley

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Midland Railway Butterley 90-Present

Current Location

Midland Railway Butterley



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Visited Railways

Severn Valley Railway Oct 04

Current Livery

BR Green (Speed Whiskers)



TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)

59609 & 51591




MRT Railcar Group






Record Last Updated

1 January 2017


Preservation Modifications
The opportunity was taken, during the recoversion from parcel to passenger configuration, to omit a centre partition and one bay of seating at the rear of the vehicle to accommodate wheelchair bound passengers.

Preservation Information
BR agreed to sell 51625 to the MRT Railcar Group to make up a 2-car set, as their original bid for 51591 & 51610 only secured the former vehicle. The pair arrived at the Midland Railway Butterley in 1990.

The 2-car set was used for a number of years as a works train in connection with the MRT extension to Riddings. In the mid 1990's the vehicle was removed from service and languished in the sidings while work on partner 51591 progressed.

However in 2004 one side saw work to produce a display as a "tapered restoration" at Railcar 50. This involved each section of the vehicle showing the progressing stages of exterior restoration. A year later the tapered side was completed and the other side also restored so the vehicle could re-enter traffic with 51591, albeit with its interior stripped and locked out of use.

The vehicle operated in this formation for several years until August 2009 when it was withdrawn for its turn in the workshops for a full reconversion from parcels use to passenger configuration. This involved reconstructing the fully stripped interior, removing the roller shutter doors and plated over windows etc and reconstructing the original passenger cofiguration. Much bodywork was also undertaken, with reglazing of windows and significant cant rail replacement.

51625 was re-launched into passenger service in March 2011, seeing its first passengers for 28 years.

51625 spent part of 2016 out of use due to suspected wheelflats on one of the other vehicles within the set.

51625 operates with59609 & 51591 in a 3-car set and is currently (2017) the only Class 127 set in traffic.

Future Plans
This vehicle is owned by the MRT Railcar Group who's intention is to recreate a "proper" and complete Class 127 set, as originally built. The original units were 4-car sets and other vehicles have been aquired to recreate this formation as closely as possible. 51625 has a long term place as one of the two powercars in this eventual set. When complete the set will be formed of: 51591 - 59609 - 59659 - 51625.


M51625 arrives into Swanwick Junction whilst in service during a music festival, 16/7/13. Tom Meakin


M51625 in Butterley yard, 14/7/12. Chris Moxon


M51625, M59609 & M51591 cross Butterley Reservoir, 11/9/11. Chris Moxon


M51625, M59609 & M51591 call at Swanwick Junction, 11/9/11. Chris Moxon


Cantrail repairs on secondman's side just ahead of Guard's van. Guttering and part of the roof skin removed and corroded angle section cut away, with replacement angle section let in, Apr 2010. Eddie Knorn


At Butterley, now withdrawn for reconstruction of the interior and an external repaint, Mar 2010. Eddie Knorn


Operating "colliery branch shuttles" from Swanwick Junction's platform 4 with 59609 & 51591, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


51625 at Swanwick Junction with 59609 & 51591, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


At Swanwick Junction, 27/9/08. Daniel Adkins


At Swanwick Junction, 29/3/08. Simon Edwards


Passing the signal box at Butterley, 29/3/08. Chris Moxon


Awaiting its next duty at Swanwick Junction, 29/3/08. Chris Moxon


At Swanwick Junction, 29/3/08. Chris Moxon


Awaiting departure from Butterley station during the DMU Gala, 8/10/05. John Horne


After returning to the MR-B from Railcar50 the painting on the display side was completed. Seen in the snow at Butterley soon after leaving the paint shop, 23/2/05.Stuart Mackay


Being shunting into the it's display position at Bewdley for Railcar50. The vehicle was a "tapered restoration". Externally on the No.2 side from the rear to the front the stages done in a repaint were shown, and inside the rear was still in ex-service parcels condition which gradually changed to a completed passenger bay at the front, showing at each step all the work involved, 15/10/04. Stuart Mackay


51625, 59609 & 51591 at Swanwick Junction, 2002. David Beardmore


A good view of the roller shutter door which was fitted, 22/3/02. Simon Jones


In platform 4 of Swanwick Junction station, 16/9/01. Steve Hodgson


51625 looking in need of some attention, 1/10/00. Stuart Mackay


At Swanwick, 22/5/94.  Robert Frise


As it was paired with 51591/55966 which ended it's days in green, 51625 was painted at the MRC likewise. Seen outside the shed at Swanwick, 17/10/93. Jerry Glover




Driver's side interior panelling and luggage racks are now mostly fitted, including rack across the two "half" windows where the partition was, Apr 2010. Eddie Knorn


Driver's side interior panelling and luggage racks are now mostly fitted, including rack across the two "half" windows where the partition was, Apr 2010. Eddie Knorn


The angle iron section shown on the floor is part of a donor vehicle, Apr 2010. Eddie Knorn


Driver's side of Guard's van presently has a pair of outward opening luggage doors, but work this weekend has seen construction of new hinges to allow in-swinging door to be fitted soon, Apr 2010. Eddie Knorn


View of the rapidly progressing interior reconstruction, Mar 2010. Eddie Knorn


View of the rapidly progressing interior reconstruction, Mar 2010. Eddie Knorn


The drivers controls, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


The front saloon, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


Looking back down the vehicle, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


Looking towards the cab from the guards van, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


View of the access into the guard's compartment, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon