51591 Class 127 Driving Motor Brake Second

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Midland Railway Butterley

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Midland Railway Butterley 90-Present

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Midland Railway Butterley



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Current Livery

BR Green (Speed Whiskers)



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Partner Vehicle(s)

59609 & 51625




MRT Railcar Group






Record Last Updated

1 January 2017


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
51591 was originally selected for the National Collection prior to completion of it's operational life on the "Bed-Pan" (Beford to London St Pancras) route.  Before withdrawal however, it was deselected and was one of a number of vehicles converted for parcels use, with a quasi-original BR green livery and plates signifying "The First Unit, 1,250,000 miles, Bedford-St Pancras".   Finally withdrawn in 1989 it was purchased for preservation but the bid failed to secure the sister vehicle, 51610.  However BR agreed to sell 51625 to make up a 2 car set, the pair arriving at the Midland Railway Butterley in 1990.

The 2-car set was used for a number of years as a works train in connection with the MRT extension to Riddings. In the mid 1990's 51591 was removed from service and was reconverted from parcels formation with fully stripped interior, roller shutter doors, plated over windows etc to original passenger condition. The vehicle was returned to service in the early 2000's in BR Green livery with original speed whiskers and original passenger configuration.

By the early 2000's a Class 127 3-car set had been formed in which 51591 was a part, although not all of the set was in a condition to accommodate passengers. The set's condition was gradually improved with more areas being brought back into passenger use over the years, and by 2011 the full three cars were available for passengers.

51591 spent part of 2016 out of use due to suspected wheelflats.

51591 operates with59609 & 51625in a 3-car set and is currently (2017) the only Class 127 set in traffic.

Future Plans
This vehicle is owned by the MRT Railcar Group who's intention is to recreate a "proper" and complete Class 127 set, as originally built. The original units were 4-car sets and other vehicles have been aquired to recreate this formation as closely as possible. 51591 has a long term place as one of the two powercars in this eventual set. When complete the set will be formed of: 51591 - 59609 - 59659 - 51625.


M51591/M59609/M51565 stabled at Butterley, 2/3/14. Zoe Hunter


M51591 & M51625 at Butterley after the day's services had finished, 14/7/12. Chris Moxon


M51591, M59609 & M51625 call at Butterley, 11/9/11. Chris Moxon


M51591 stabled at Butterley in the evening, 20/5/11. Andy Neil


M51591 & 56006 in service at Swanwick Junction, 28/8/10. Andy Neil


Operating "colliery branch shuttles" from Swanwick Junction's platform 4 with 59609 & 51625, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


Rear 3/4 view at Swanwick Junction, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


Gleaming in the sun at Swanwick Junction with 59609 & 51625, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


Waiting to depart Swanwick Junction, ,29/3/08. Simon Edwards


Passing the yard at Butterley, ,29/3/08. Chris Moxon


51591 at Swanwick Junction, 19/5/07.Simon Edwards


Operating as a 3-car set with 59609 & 51625 at Butterley, 1/4/07 Chris Moxon


Operating as a 3-car set with 59609 & 51625 at Swanwick Junction, 1/4/07 Chris Moxon


Arriving into Butterley during a DMU gala. The vehicle was operating as a 2-car set with Class 114 56006,15/6/06. Chris Moxon


At Butterley during a DMU gala. The vehicle was operating as a 2-car set with Class 114 56006,15/6/06. Chris Moxon


At Swanwick Junction awaiting its next duty during a DMU gala. The vehicle was operating as a 2-car set with Class 114 56006,15/6/06. Chris Moxon


A shiny M51591 at Swanwick Junction, 26/10/03. David Beardmore


51591 in the yard at Butterley, 1/10/00. Stuart Mackay




View of the front saloon, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


View of the rear saloon, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon