56006 Class 114 Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory

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Midland Railway Butterley

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Midland Railway Butterley 92-Present

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Midland Railway Butterley



Current Status

Under Restoration

Visited Railways

Severn Valley Railway Oct 04

Current Livery

Multiple Unit Green (Plain End)



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MRT Railcar Group






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13 November 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
56006 was purchased from British Rail along with 50019 in the early 1990's as the last surviving passenger Class 114 set. By the mid 1990's, the vehicle had received a light overhaul and had been repainted into the shortlived white with blue stripe "refurbished" livery, entering traffic with 50019.

In the early 2000's, the vehicle was withdrawn from traffic for a more thorough overhaul. Externally, cantrail repairs over the passenger doors were undertaken and the cab roof dome was removed and overhauled. The two marker lights below the cab windows were removed and the original single light located in the roof dome reinstated. The vehicle also had a full repaint into its original 1956 "multiple unit" green livery. The interior also received a full overhaul, with the seats being reupholstered and new lino.

In October 2004, the vehicle visited the Severn Valley Railway for the spectacular Railcar50 celebrations which involved a never-to-be-repeated line up of DMUs from all around the country at one gala event. This was only possible sue to geneerous funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The vehicle was relaunched into traffic for the event.

56006 then had to wait while 50019's overhaul was completed before resuming service with it, fully representing an original Class 114 2-car set.

Gearbox problems with 50019 followed by metal thefts resulted in 56006 running with Class 127 powercar 51591 for 2010/2011. When the 127 set was completed in 2012 after the launch of M51625, 56006 was placed out of service to await the return to original partner 50019.

By 2016 some more restoration work was undertaken after a lull in progress, with a view to being completely finished within a couple of months. The toilet received a new vinyl tile floor, and replacement plumbing as necessary to remove the hot water tank and associated wiring. The cab desk was progressively stripped and sanded back, new control panels, switches and repairs to the window frames all being completed.

Since 2017 the vehicle has seen less activity as the owning group concentrate on spearheading the restoration of partner 50019, which is of course essential given that 56006 is an unpowered trailer car.

56006 is currently receiving minor restoration work, whilst major work is completed on 50019.

Future Plans
New lino has been ordered for the cab which will see this area completed. The vehicle is intended to operate with partner 50019 once the restoration of both vehicles has been completed. When relaunched into service, the set will be the sole example of an authentic and original Class 114 set.


E56006 & M51591 at Swanwick Junction, 28/8/10. Andy Neil


E56006, E50019, 53170 & 53253 in service at Swanwick Junction, 30/3/08. David Beardmore


56006 & 50019 arriving into Butterley, 29/3/08. Simon Edwards


56006 & 50019 crossing Butterley Reservoir bound for Hammersmith, 29/3/08. Simon Edwards


56006 & 50019 at Swanwick Junction, 29/3/08. Simon Edwards


56006 & 50019 loading passengers at Butterley, 29/3/08. Chris Moxon


56006 & 50019 at Swanwick Junction, 29/3/08. Chris Moxon


56006 & 50019 awaiting their next duty in the yard at Swanwick Junction, 29/3/08. Chris Moxon


E56006 stands to the left of M79900 at Swanwick Junction, 15/7/06. Keith Long


E56006 appears to be going faster than 53253... Butterley yard, 8/10/05. John Miller


At Bridgnorth during Railcar50, 16/10/04. Simon Edwards


At Kidderminster during Railcar50, 15/10/04. Ian Francis


E56006/M51591 stabled at Swanwick Junction, 6/98. Hugh Llewelyn


56006 at the Midland Railway Centre during the 2nd Annual DMU Convention, 31/8/97. Stuart Mackay


55006 at the MRC, 1994. Peter ?