50019 Class 114 Driving Motor Brake Second

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Midland Railway Butterley

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Midland Railway Butterley 92-Present

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Midland Railway Butterley



Current Status

Under Restoration



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Multiple Unit Green (Plain End)



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MRT Railcar Group






Record Last Updated

13 November 2018


Preservation Modifications
A widended door has been fitted between the brakevan and the middle passenger saloon, to allow the passage of wheelchairs. This has been done tastefully to retain the original styling and appearance of the partition.

Preservation Information
50019 was purchased from British Rail along with 56006 in the early 1990's as the last surviving passenger Class 114 set. By the mid 1990's, the vehicle had received a light overhaul and had been repainted into the shortlived white with blue stripe "refurbished" livery, entering traffic with 56006.

In the late 1990's, the vehicle was withdrawn from traffic for a more thorough overhaul. Externally, cantrail repairs over the passenger doors were undertaken. The two marker lights below the cab windows were removed and the original single light located in the roof dome reinstated. The later bodyside heater air intake was removed. Mechanical work included a bogie overhaul including refurbished main springs. The gearboxes were also overhauled. The vehicle also had a full repaint into its original 1956 "multiple unit" green livery. Internally, sections of flooring were replaced.

The vehicle spent a period in operational use during the mid to late 2000's to enable it to work with the group's completed 56006. However the interior was still stripped and in the process of restoration, so the vehicle ran locked out of use. Gearbox issues and vndalism forced the vehicle to be withdrawn from traffic again however in the early 2010's.

By 2015 more significant work had been undertaken on the interior. The brake van floor was removed to expose the rotten steel work underneath with consideration of a full replacement. The vehicle received new batteries and electrical work to allow the lights and heating to be used for working parties during the cold and dark periods.

During 2016 the vehicle was moved inside the shed to allow the brakevan floor to be replaced, whilst indoors the vehicle was also able to receive a repaint, retaining its as-built green livery. The false 2-character route indicator, an essential cosmetic feature of the sets' front end when built, was added during this time.

After a further break, restoration work continued in 2018, initially focussing on the refitting out of the passenger saloons, notably the installation of brand new Formica wall panelling. Work also included fitting of a widended door between the brakevan and the middle passenger saloon, to allow the passage of wheelchairs.

Future Plans
Future plans centre on completing the interior restoration of the vehicle. This will involve a new brake van floor and a refit of the passenger saloons. Mechanical repairs are also ongoing and will need to be completed before the vehicle can re-enter service, as the vandal attack damaged several mechanical components. When relaunched into service, the set will be the sole example of an authentic and original Class 114 set.


50019 undergoing restoration at Butterley longside Class 127 51591, 10/6/18. Gareth Coleman


50019's restoration continues at Butterley, seen here stabled next to Class 127 51591 (left), 23/6/14. Zoe Elizabeth Hunter


Stabled at Swanwick Junction, 28/3/09.Chris Moxon


Stabled at Swanwick Junction, 27/9/08. Daniel Adkins


50019 & 56006 loading passengers at Butterley, 29/3/08. Chris Moxon


50019 & 56006 pause at Swanwick Junction, 29/3/08. Chris Moxon


E50019 undergoing restoration at Butterley, 8/7/06. Robert Chilton


Undergoing external restoration at Butterley, 15/6/06.Chris Moxon


50019 passing the yard at Butterley, 9/10/05. John Miller


E50019, now looking a little careworn, 7/4/12. Andy Cole


E50019 taken during the 2nd Annual DMU Convention, 31/8/97 Stuart Mackay


E50019 taken during the 2nd Annual DMU Convention, 31/8/97 Stuart Mackay


E50019 at Swanwick, 24/7/94. Jerry Glover


E50019 at Swanwick, 1994. Robert Frise Collection


After painting into refurbished livery, outside the carriage shed at Butterley. Ian Francis




The middle saloon which is slowly being turned back into as built condition, 10/6/18. Gareth Coleman