59659 Class 115 Trailer Second

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Midland Railway Butterley

Location History

South Devon Railway Mar 93-Mar09

Current Location

Midland Railway Butterley


Midland Railway Butterley Mar 09-Present

Current Status

Under Restoration



Current Livery

BR Green



TRA Designation



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MRT Railcar Group






Record Last Updated

15 March 2013


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
59659 was originally preserved on the South Devon Railway, presumably in the early 1990s when most of these vehicles were withdrawn from service. Like many suburban centre cars at this time, the vehicle was not preserved as a DMU vehicle, being acquired to be used as hauled coaching stock, as they look similar externally to some designs of GWR coaching stock. The vehicle was painted into a non standard maroon livery to suit this role and did several years service behind steam locomotives.

However the railway, as it developed, felt it no longer required its two centre cars, now having enough "proper" coaching stock to cover services. 59659 (and the other vehicle being used for this role, 59740) was therefore surplus to requirements by 2009. 59740 was kept on the line and converted into a Pway stores coach, leaving 59659 as the only complete Class 115 TS. It was put up for sale and purchased by the MRT Railcar Group, moving to their base at the Midland Railway Butterley between January and March 2009. It was their aim to recreate an original Class 127 formation (DMBS-TCL-TS-DMBS), but with no Class 127 TS vehicles surviving into preservation, a Class 115 TS was the closest other vehicle, being identical externally and similar internally.

On arrival at the MRB, restoration work on the vehicle was immediately started. Restoration of the centre saloon is now complete, a new floor has been finished, along with side panels, door cards etc.  A Pass comm feed pipe has been repaired.  Externally, minor bodywork repairs have been completed and a repaint into BR Green started.

Future Plans
The restoration is to continue, with the two end saloons receiving the same treatemtn as the centre saloon. Externally, the repaint is to be completed. This vehicle is owned by the MRT Railcar Group who's intention is to recreate a "proper" and complete Class 127 set, as originally built. The original units were 4-car sets and 59659 is the final vehicle required to recreate this formation as closely as possible. 59659 therefore has a long term place as one of the two centre cars in this eventual set. When complete the set will be formed of: 51591 - 59609 - 59659 - 51625.


59659 recently relocated to Butterley to become the "missing" 4th 127 coach. Restoration has already started internally, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


At the South Devon Railway, 24/2/02. Steve Hodgson