Class 141

The Class 141’s were the first production 4-wheel units (the prototype being the Class 140), 20 2-car sets being produced in 1984. Not terribly successful, the class suffered design issues which were later ironed out making subsequent classes (142. 143 & 144) far more reliable and long lasting. Consequently, during the late 1990’s, all 20 sets had been withdrawn and were disposed of.

Interestingly, most were exported for further use abroad, with four sets (8 vehicles) being retained in the UK, sold into preservation, three of which were returned to service. They became the first 2nd generation units to see regular preservation use.

However their mechanical systems led to them struggling to be accepted into preservation circles, and reliability issues led to only a few vehicles being used regularly. Disposals followed with half of the preserved fleet being lost.

There are now two sets remaining.

Number Type Location
55508 (141108) DMS Colne Valley Railway
55513 (141113) DMS Midland Railway Butterley
55528 (141108) DMSL Colne Valley Railway
55533 (141113) DMSL Midland Railway Butterley


Now Scrapped


Number Type Last Location
55503 (141103) DMS Weardale Railway
55510 (141110) DMS Weardale Railway
55523 (141103) DMSL Weardale Railway
55530 (141110) DMSL Weardale Railway