51118 Class 100 Driving Motor Brake Second

Home Railway

Llangollen Railway

Location History

North Yorkshire Moors Railway 75-Mar 85

Current Location

Midland Railway Butterley


Swanage Railway Mar 85-Aug 86

Current Status

Under Restoration


West Somerset Railway Aug 86-94

Current Livery

BR Green (Plain End)



TRA Designation


Visited Railways

Private Site: Snetterton (storage) 94-98

Partner Vehicle(s)



Midland Railway Butterley (storage) 98-Present


Llangollen Railcars Limited






Record Last Updated

1 January 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
Withdrawn from BR in 1973, 51118 was one of the first DMU vehicles to be preserved. Initially running in blue on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, this and the three other class 100 vehicles based there were useful vehicles proving economical to run during the line's early years (another reason was to provide cover for the steam engines at times of high fire risk).

The vehicle was soon repainted into a non standard LNER Green & Cream (known as LNER “Tourist” livery). In 1979/80 it was re-liveried again into Dark Green & Cream with silver roof and yellow end panels.

Five years later 51118 and partner vehicle 56097 had fallen into disuse and were disposed of. 

The Swanage Railway bought 51118, along with 56097, 50341and 56099. 51118 & 56097 were used for driver training on only a handful of services and the set sold to the West Somerset Railway the following year.

At the West Somerset Railway, it operated services for a few years before being taken out of traffic.

51118 spent four years in storage as part of an abortive preservation scheme and was at risk of scrapping. By now the vehicle was the sole surviving Class 100 power car so had gained significant historical importance. Luckily the vehicle was purchased by the Llangollen Railcar Group who stripped the interior following asbestos removal, following which the vehicle was stored for over 10 years whilst finance was sought for full restoration.

In 2011 the project to restore the 2-car set was started. Initially, work was to concentrate on trailer car 56097. However 51118 did receive a cosmetic coat of green on one side to make it more presentable whilst in public view.

During 2012-2015 the vehicle remained in storage whilst a comprehensive exterior rebuild was undertaken by the owning group of partner 56097.

February 2016 was a milestone for 51118, with the announcement that 56097's exterior rebuild was complete and that the latter vehicle was once again watertight. This allowed 51118's restoration to commence and the vehicle entered the workshops at Butterley for a full exterior overhaul. The Spring saw the middle section of the vehicle omn the driver's side stripped down, its framework repaired, and new steel panels added. By the summer this had been completed and the rear section started, which proved more problematic requiring more extensive repairs. The front saloon (on the same side) followed allowing sanding, filling and painting of that side to be undertaken. In September the driver's side was substantially completed and the vehicle moved around the shed so that it could all be done again for the secondman's side. The front saloon and guards van areas were tackled during the autumn with the middle section being done last. By December, the welding was completed and some roof/gutter repairs were being undertaken. The vehicle's doors were also re-hung and correctly gapped.

2017 saw the exterior restoration continue to progress. During January, the complicated cab corners were rebuilt and the first new sheeting added to the front end, over the repaired framework and the secondman's bodyside was painted in gloss green. In February the rest of the front was completed and the route indicator mechanism installed. March saw the front primed and the corridor end receive the same complicated repairs to its curved corners and wasted framework. In April, the driver's bodyside and cab front was painted in green gloss, whilst the corridor end was skinned with new metal. Some glass also began to be fitted to the front and guards saloons.

Future Plans
To complete a full rebuild to the highest practical standards. The current owners are the same team behind the restoration of the sole surviving Class 109 set, which was rebuilt to excellent standards, so this vehicle has a bright future.


A rare photo of Class 100's cab-to-cab in preservation, in this case 51118 and 56097, shortly before 51118 was shunted into the workshops for its exterior rebuild to commence, 2/16. Llangollen Railcar Group


51118 stored at Swanwick Junction, 4/5/14. Brian Battersby


51118 awaits completion of partner 56097, 20/8/12. Mike Gill


Now that the Class 100 restoration project has started, a team has given one side of 51118 a coat of paint so that the vehicle did not look quite so bedraggled. The work is purely cosmetic but will tidy things up and show that someone does care about the set. The finished product looks quite respectable with 51118 looking the best of the pair. Unfortunately much of the body is badly corroded and even one of the windows fell out whilst painting! 22/8/11. Llangollen Railcar Group


51118 awaiting funding at the MRB, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


Rear view of 51118 awaiting funding at the MRB, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


51118 stored at Swanwick Junction, 8/4/07. David Beardmore


51118 awaiting restoration at Swanwick Junction, 8 /7/06. Robert Chilton


51118 sits beside Derby Lightweight 975008 (ex-DTC 79612) at the Swanwick Junction site of the Midland Railway Butterley, 16/9/01. Steve Hodgson


51118 in storage at Snetterton. Evan Green-Hughes


51118 at Williton on the West Somerset Railway, 23/8/87. David McGuire


51118 & 56097 in service at Bishops Lydeard, 28/5/87. Michael Wadman


51118/56097 stabled at Minehead. Nigel Gould


51118 leads a train at Pickering, 29/8/80. David Jones


This is thought to be 51118 and 56097 at Pickering on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway in 1979. John Law


This formation, seen leaving Grosmont, is thought to be 51118, 56097, 50341. Roy Lambeth