56015 Class 114 Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory

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Midland Railway Butterley

Location History

Midland Railway Butterley Apr 04-Present

Current Location

Midland Railway Butterley



Current Status




Current Livery

BR Blue (Half Yellow End)



TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)





MRT Railcar Group






Record Last Updated

15 November 2012


Preservation Modifications
None, but the vehicle retains considerable departmental modifications.

Preservation Information
56015 survived beyond many other DMUs on the national network due to it being heavily converted for departmental use. Its original interior has been removed entirely and is effectively a new vehicle in its own right. The MRT Railcar Group purchased 56015, and partner 50015, in 2004 and have restored the exterior back into BR Blue.

The set has seen limited use in preservation due to its passenger carrying capacity being severely limited. However it has seen use at several galas as the vehicle has a small area which can accommodate a small number of people. The set has also been used on some evening specials.

The group have stated that they currently have no plans to convert the vehicle back into original configuration, and in the meantime it remains operational.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


56015 & 50015 passing the yard at Butterley, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


On a Fish & Chip special at Butterley, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


In the sidings at Swanwick Junction, 27/9/08. Daniel Adkins


Heading out of Butterley station during the DMU gala, 8/10/05. John Miller


Outside the carriage shed at Butterley. Ian Francis


977776 in the 'DMU cutting' at Butterley. It was graffitied between purchase and actual removal from Thornaby, 30/10/04. Stuart Mackay