Class 108

Class 108s have been one of the most successful DMU classes, both in British Railways days and in preservation. They were the “standard” DMU, built by BR itself (at Derby) and were the final design that was piloted by the earlier Derby Lightweight class. Their corrosion free aluminium bodies have made Class 108s ideally suited to the preservation life of long periods stood still stabled in the open air.

Most Class 108s in preservation were withdrawn in the early 1990s and were the first class of DMU to be preserved in very large numbers. This was partially due to BR’s decision to offer this class as the standard DMU for heritage buyers. Consequently a large number were saved and they formed the backbone of the heritage scene in the 1990’s and the first part of the early 2000’s. It was only the withdrawals of the Class 101s and Class 117s in the mid 2000’s that rivalled the numbers of 108s on heritage railways.

Many 108s have been running “as withdrawn” as their good condition upon preservation meant most could be launched immediately into traffic. However 15 years on and the wear is now starting to take its toll, with corrosion around the (steel) cabs developing. Luckily however, enough railways and groups are now investing heavily in these vehicles to enable them to continue to operate in preservation.

Number Type Location
50599 DMBS Ecclesbourne Valley Railway
50619 DMBS Dean Forest Railway
50628 DMBS Keith & Dufftown Railway
50632 DMCL Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway
50645 DMCL Great Central Railway (North)
50926 DMBS Great Central Railway (North)
50928 DMBS Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
50933 DMBS Severn Valley Railway
50971 DMBS Kent & East Sussex Railway
50980 DMBS Weardale Railway
51562 DMCL National Railway Museum York
51565 DMCL Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
51566 DMCL Dean Forest Railway
51567 DMCL Ecclesbourne Valley Railway
51568 DMCL Keith & Dufftown Railway
51571 DMCL Kent & East Sussex Railway
51572 DMCL Wensleydale Railway
51907 DMBS Midland Railway Butterley
51909 DMBS East Somerset Railway
51914 DMBS Dean Forest Railway
51919 DMBS Garw Valley Railway
51922 DMBS National Railway Museum York
51933 DMBS Llangollen Railway
51937 DMBS Midland Railway Butterley
51941 DMBS Severn Valley Railway
51942 DMBS Mid Norfolk Railway
51947 DMBS Bodmin & Wenford Railway
51950 DMBS Telford Steam Railway
52044 DMCL Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway
52048 DMCL Garw Valley Railway
52053 DMCL Keith & Dufftown Railway
52054 DMCL Weardale Railway
52062 DMCL Telford Steam Railway
52064 DMCL Severn Valley Railway
56207 DTCL Private Site: BSC Scunthorpe
56208 DTCL Severn Valley Railway
56223 DTCL Llangollen Railway
56224 DTCL Keith & Dufftown Railway
56270 DTCL Mid Norfolk Railway
56271 DTCL East Somerset Railway
56274 DTCL Wensleydale Railway
56279 DTCL Lavendar Line
56484 DTCL Midland Railway Butterley
56490 DTCL Midland Railway Butterley
56491 DTCL Keith & Dufftown Railway
56492 DTCL Dean Forest Railway
56495 DTCL Kirklees Light Railway
56504 DTCL Llangollen Railway
59245 TBSL Private Site: BSC Scunthorpe
59250 TBSL Severn Valley Railway
59387 TSL Dean Forest Railway


Now Scrapped


Number Type Last Location
50627 DMBS East Lancashire Railway
50982 DMBS Swansea Vale Railway
50987 DMBS Midland Railway Butterley
51935 DMBS Midland Railway Butterley
52060 DMCL Great Central Railway (North)
52061 DMCL Swansea Vale Railway
59389 TSL Great Central Railway (North)