50980 Class 108 Driving Motor Brake Second

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Weardale Railway

Location History

Bodmin & Wenford Railway 93-Mar 18

Current Location

Weardale Railway


Weardale Railway Mar 18-Present

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Current Livery

BR Green (Speed Whiskers)



TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)





Weardale Railway Trust






Record Last Updated

4 April 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
50980 was preserved in 1993 with partner 52054 for use on the Bodmin & Wenford Railway, being purchased by their supporting organisation the Bodmin & Wenford Railway Trust.

The vehicle was made operational and painted into its original BR Green colour scheme to fit in with the line’s 1950’s/1960’s image.

50980 provided off peak services to the railway for many years.

In 2017 the vehicle was repainted.

In 2018 the vehicle was offered for sale as its place on the railway had been taken by recently preserved Class 121 55020. It was quickly purchased along with partner 52054, the set changing hands for almost £50,000, and moved onto the Weardale Railway in March.

Future Plans
The new owners plan to give 50980 a deep clean and then to enter service at the Weardale Railway operating heritage services alongside current resident Class 122 55012.


50980 stabled at Bodmin, 8/9/07. Simon Edwards


50980 & 52054 in service, 7/7/07. David Beardmore


50980 & 52054 rest at Bodmin Parkway, 1/7/06. Michael Wadman


50980 seen on the Bodmin & Wenford Railway, 24/3/01. Steve Hodgson