Bodmin & Wenford Railway

The Bodmin & Wenford Railway is based at Bodmin General and runs six and a half miles along two branches to Bodmin Parkway and Boscarne Junction. The line is steeply graded for much of its length with sections of 1-in-40 several miles long ensuring that rolling stock is worked hard.

The railway has a mainline interchange at Bodmin Parkway where connections can be made using the London Paddington-Penzance line.

The line kept a modest fleet of three Class 108 vehicles since the 1990’s, a two car set supported by a third vehicle which was stored and provided spare parts over the years. These were joined by a Class 121 vehicle from the mainline in 2017, and the following year the operating Class 108 was sold as its "place" was taken by the new Class 121. The 108 spares donor was retained to keep providing parts for the 121.

The DMU provides off-peak services either during the low season or on quieter (midweek) days during the summer.

51947 Class 108 DMBS
55020 Class 121 DMBS