Weardale Railway

The Weardale Railway is a relative newcomer to the heritage scene, but has expanded quickly. The first trains ran in 2004 utilising a recently preserved Class 141 unit. The railway runs 18 miles between Bishop Auckland and Stanhope.

The railway also had a Class 117 3-car set in store for Dorset County Council, but this was later moved on having never operated.

In 2010 and 2011 the railway trialled a community service using its Class 141 and a second set of the same class hired in. However this was later discontinued, with the line returning to a more heritage focus and the second Class 141 returned.

In 2012, operational first generation stock debuted on the line in the form of a Class 122, but this was shortlived with the vehicle moving on the following year. It did however return in 2014.

The original Class 141's based on the line were all disposed of by 2018, their continued use being seen by the railway as economically unviable.

50980 Class 108 DMBS
52054 Class 108 DMCL
55012 Class 122 DMBS