51572 Class 108 Driving Motor Composite Lavatory

Home Railway

Wensleydale Railway

Location History

East Kent Railway Jul 93-Dec 96

Current Location

Wensleydale Railway


Mid Norfolk Railway Dec 96-04

Current Status

Under Restoration


Wensleydale Railway 04-Jun 09

Current Livery

BR Green (Half Yellow Panel)


Stainmore Railway Jun 09-Mar 15

TRA Designation



Wensleydale Railway Mar 15-Present

Partner Vehicle(s)











Record Last Updated

18 September 2015


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
Withdrawn in January 1993, 51572 was preserved along with partner 56224 in July 1993 and was initially based at the East Kent Railway

However in 1995 following a dispute, all of the East Kent Railway’s DMUs were sold, 51572 & 56224being acquired by Railcar Enterprises, moving to their base at the Mid Norfolk Railway the following year.

By 1999 the set was running, and (with 55006) formed the opening train to Wymondham on the MNR during May that year.

In 2004, as part of reorganisation, the vehicle was sold to Class 107 Ltd where it was to be used as a spare vehicle on the rapidly expanding Wensleydale Railway. Whilst there it was repainted from its Network SouthEast livery into original BR Green.

However by 2009 51572 was up for sale again, moving to its current home at the Stainmore Railway that year.

The vehicle joined trailer car 56274, which became its intended partner. Five years of restoration work was completed, however the vehicle was sold again in 2015 and returned to the Wensleydale Railway.

51572 is currently being readied for service at the line.

Future Plans
It is anticipated 51572 will be returned to passenger service and operate with the other resident DMU's.


M51572 in the yard at Leeming Bar, 4/7/15. Richard Thornton


M51572 under restoration at the Stainmore Railway, 24/4/11. John Carter


M51572 under restoration at the Stainmore Railway, 4/4/10. John Carter


51572 newly arrived at the Stainmore Railway, June 2009. Graham Johnston


A recently repainted 51572 in service at Leeming Bar, 12/8/04. David Beardmore


51572 seen soon after arrival on the Wensleydale Railway, 2004. Alistair Beadle


51572 stabled at the north end of Dereham station, 2002. Reg Vardy


51572 & 56224in Dereham station, 17/9/01. Stuart Mackay


51572 & 54224 stabled at Dereham, 27/7/97. On tour with the class 13 army


51572 at Shepherdswell on the East Kent Railway, 1995. John Law