56274 Class 108 Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory

Home Railway

Wensleydale Railway

Location History

Rutland Railway Museum 92-Nov 08

Current Location

Wensleydale Railway


Stainmore Railway Nov 08-Jun 15

Current Status

Under Restoration


Wensleydale Railway Jun 15-Present

Current Livery

Non Standard Carmine & White



TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)





Rob Wallington






Record Last Updated

5 July 2015


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
56274 was preserved by the Rutland Railway Museum in 1992 for use as a loco hauled coach to carry passengers in along their industrial focussed line.

The vehicle performed this role for many years, and was repainted into a non standard Carmine & White colour scheme whilst there, after the British Rail applied Network SouthEast livery becaem tatty.

However in 2008 the vehicle was replaced by modified wagons capable of carrying passengers, which were considered more in keeping with the railways industrial ethos. The vehicle was therefore put up for sale, being purchased by the Stainmore Railway.

By November 2008 the vehicle had arrived at the Stainmore Railway.

In 2009, the vehicle was joined by powercar 51572, which became its partner.

Unfortunately 56274 was never returned to service at the Stainmore Railway and was moved on to the Wensleydale Railway during 2015.

Future Plans
It is anticipated 56274 will be returned to passenger service.


56274 & 51572 under restoration in the newly constructed platform, 25/2/12. Alan Padley


56274 & 51572 under restoration, 28/5/11. Andrew Gallon


56274 newly arrived at the Stainmore Railway, June 2009. Graham Johnston


56274 at the Rutland Railway Centre, 16/4/08. Bill Pugsley


56274 at the Rutland Railway Centre. Stuart Mackay


54274 at Cottesmore, 1/4/00. David McGuire