Wensleydale Railway

The Wensleydale Railway is a 16 mile line maintained on an ex-MOD branch. The line is open between Leeming Bar and Redmire (with another three intermediate stations) with the stock storage, facilities and headquarters all located at Leeming. The line was once a through route linking Northallerton with Garsdale, and the line currently has plans to link up with the both the former (the track is still in situ and is currently being upgraded as funds allow) and the latter (a longer term as only the trackbed, 18 miles of it, remains).

The line is a relative newcomer with the first trains running between Leeming and Leyburn in 2003, extending to the Redmire a year later. DMUs were used for the first trains and have run the majority of services since, although there is now a rise in diesel loco haulage as well as regular steam services during the summer months. The dominance of air braked coaching stock on the line has seen the DMUs used further during the summer as a vacuum braked set for steam operations.

Both privately owned and railway owned vehicles run on the line, which since opening has seen Classes 101, 107, 108, 110, 117& 121 used. The community rail ethos of the line, coupled to its long length, means that the DMUs get heavily used and can be found operating at most times of year, often daily.

50256 Class 101 DMBS
50746 Class 101 DMCL
51210 Class 101 DMBS
51353 Class 117 DMBS
51400 Class 117 DMS
51572 Class 108 DMCL
55032 Class 121 DMBS
56274 Class 108 DTCL
56343 Class 101 DTCL
59500 Class 117 TCL
59509 Class 117 TCL
LEV1 Railbus