Class 101

With over 700 examples produced by Metropliton Cammell between 1956 & 1959, the class 101's have been one of the most successful railcar designs both in mainline service and in preservation. They were the last first generation DMUs to survive on the mainline in any great numbers, with a fleet of about 30 two car sets surviving into the 21st century.

Due to their extended survival compared to other classes, they are represented very well in preservation, numerous examples being obtained by railways and individuals. They represent the last batch of first generation vehicles to be made available for preservation. They are easily recognisable by their unique Mett Camm front end, which (after the standard Derby front end designs) probably best represents DMUs in general.

Their good condition has meant a healthy proportion of the class is in operational condition, having been put straight into service after preservation with little work required. However as time goes on more vehicles can no longer operate in "ex-BR" condition and several are now undergoing a range of thorough refreshes, rebuilds & restorations, safeguarding their long term place on our heritage railways.

A 2-car 101 is also part of the National Collection, being claimed in 2005.

Number Type Location
50160 DMCL North Yorkshire Moors Railway
50164 DMBS North Yorkshire Moors Railway
50170 DMCL Ecclesbourne Valley Railway
50193 DMCL Great Central Railway
50203 DMBS Great Central Railway
50204 DMBS North Yorkshire Moors Railway
50222 DMBS Barry Island Railway
50253 DMBS Ecclesbourne Valley Railway
50256 DMBS Wensleydale Railway
50266 DMCL Great Central Railway
50321 DMCL Great Central Railway
50338 DMCL Barry Island Railway
50746 DMCL Wensleydale Railway
51187 DMBS Cambrian Railway (Lynclys)
51188 DMBS North Norfolk Railway
51189 DMBS Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
51192 DMBS North Norfolk Railway
51205 DMBS Cambrian Railway (Lynclys)
51210 DMBS Wensleydale Railway
51213 DMBS East Anglian Railway Museum
51226 DMBS Mid Norfolk Railway
51228 DMBS North Norfolk Railway
51427 DMBS Great Central Railway
51434 DMBC Mid Norfolk Railway
51499 DMCL Mid Norfolk Railway
51503 DMCL Mid Norfolk Railway
51505 DMCL Ecclesbourne Valley Railway
51511 DMCL North Yorkshire Moors Railway
51512 DMCL Cambrian Railway (Lynclys)
51803 DMCL Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
56055 DTCL Cambrian Railway (Lynclys)
56062 DTCL North Norfolk Railway
56342 DTCL Great Central Railway
56343 DTCL Wensleydale Railway
56347 DTCL Mid Norfolk Railway
56352 DTCL North Norfolk Railway
56356 DTCL Barry Island Railway
56358 DTCL East Anglian Railway Museum
56408 DTCL Spa Valley Railway
59117 TCL Mid Norfolk Railway
59303 TSL Ecclesbourne Valley Railway
59539 TCL North Yorkshire Moors Railway


Although not the preservation of whole Class 101 vehicles, it is believed that the cabs from 50211, 50269 & 51177 have also survived.

Now Scrapped


Number Type Last Location
50167 DMBS Churnet Valley Railway
50268 DMCL Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
51203 DMBS Darlington
51247 DMBS Wensleydale Railway
51432 DMBS Swanage Railway
51433 DMBS Churnet Valley Railway
51435 DMBS East Lancashire Railway
51498 DMCL Swanage Railway
56365 DTCL East Anglian Railway Museum