51803 Class 101 Driving Motor Composite Lavatory

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Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

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Keighley & Worth Valley Railway 07-Present

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Keighley & Worth Valley Railway



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BR Green Half Yellow Panel)



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5 December 2015


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
51803 was latterly part of 101676 and was withdrawn from the Manchester area in the early 2000’s. Following a period in storage, the vehicle was acquired (along with 51189) by the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway and moved to the line in 2007. The set was bought with the intension of replacing their 108 set whilst undergoing overhaul, and then to strengthen the 108 to four cars when it returned to traffic.

The vehicle was considered the better of the two vehicles in the newly formed set, so its overhaul was started first.

In 2009, considerable body, door and window work was undertaken. Internally, restored seat frames and reupholstered seats were fitted. During this time the vehicle was also repainted into BR Green.

By 2011 the vehicle was substantially complete, and was set aside whilst the restoration of its partner, 51189, was progressed. This was a fairly drawn out wait as mechanically the latter vehicle was in inferior condition to 51803 which took two years to restore.

51803 entered service in 2013 with partner 51189 and, after testing/running in, replaced the railway's Class 108set which had operated continuously for 15 years without overhaul!

Since then the 2-car set has reliably operated much of the railway's DMU booked services, sharing lighter services with Railbus 79964.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


Sc51803/M51189 at Oxenhope with a Keighley service, 6/9/15. Chris Moxon


Sc51803 stands inside Haworth shed undergoing maintenane, 7/3/15. Shaun Whitehead


Sc51803/51189 at Keighley, 18/6/14. Timothy Stronach


Sc51803/51189 in service at Oxenhope, 10/5/14. David Russell


Sc51803/51189 in service at Damems Loop, 3/14. Shaun Whitehead


Sc51803/51189 in service at Keighley, 28/4/13. Martin Clarke


51803 receiving a repaint in the VCT workshops at Ingrow, K&WVR, 6/4/09. Chris Moxon


51803 at Oxenhope, with restoration work now well underway , 17/5/08. Shaun Whitehead


51803 at Oxenhope, soon after arriving on the line, 20/5/07. Shaun Whitehead




Cab view, 6/9/15. Chris Moxon


The front saloon (ex First Class), 6/9/15. Chris Moxon


The middle saloon, 6/9/15. Chris Moxon


The rear saloon, 6/9/15. Chris Moxon


A view of the recently refurbished middle saloon, 6/4/09. Chris Moxon


A view of the recently refurbished rear saloon, 6/4/09. Chris Moxon


Substantial work has been done to the interior, as can be seen in this shot at Haworth, 16/11/08. Shaun Whitehead