50338 Class 101 Driving Motor Composite Lavatory

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Barry Island Railway

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West Somerset Railway Mar 08-Aug 09

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Barry Island Railway


Barry Island Railway Aug 09-Present

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BR Green (Plain End)



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Record Last Updated

14 November 2018


Preservation Modifications
Very non standard interior. The vehicle has modern wall panelling, Mk3 carriage style seating and carpets fitted.

Preservation Information
Latterly part of Laboratory 19 “Iris 2”, 50338 was extensively modified for departmental use in 1989. Acquired by the West Somerset Railway, the intention was for the set to be based at Dunster and used to travel out to Permanent Way worksites as required.

However the set was moved after a short while and now resides at the Barry Island Railway under new ownership, who quickly used the set to operate some of the railway's services with partner 50222.

Between 2009 and 2014, 50338 received a lot of work to increase its preservation suitability. It was accepted that the vehicle was far too heavily modified to return to original Class 101 condition, so the interesting policy was taken to refit the interior with more modern features that may have been similar to a design used if the vehicles operated on the mainline longer than they did in reality. Modern wall panelling, Mk3 carriage style seating and carpets were fitted to the interior. The vehicle was repainted in 2013/14.

Since 2014, 50338 has operated passenger services with partner 50222. The same year, the set was also used for some notable filing work, with some interior shots appearing in an episode of Doctor Who.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


50338/50222 heads for the causeway at Barry, 6/15. Aron Stenning


50338/50222 stabled inside the shed at Barry, 14/12/13. Nick Wilcock


50338 inside the shed at Barry, 8/6/13.


50338 in use as hauled stock at Plymouth Road station, 17/6/12. Nick Wilcock


50338 & 50222 running along the causeway at Barry, 6/6/10. David Beardmore


50338 & 50222 on the Barry Island Railway, 6/6/10. David Beardmore


Seen on the West Somerset Railway freshly painted into green. Chris Adams


Shortly after arrival at Dunster, 14/6/08. Simon Edwards