51432 Class 101 Driving Motor Brake Second (Scrapped)

Last Location

Swanage Railway

Location History

Private Site: MOD Shoeburyness ?-Jul 12

Current Status

Scrapped Eldon's Siding by February 2015 (exact date unknown)


Swanage Railway Jul 12-Feb 15

Last Livery

Regional Railways



Partner Vehicle(s)




Record Last Updated

22 February 2015


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
51432 was latterly part of set L835 and saw its last use in the Manchester area during the early 2000's. Moved to Shoeburyness along with many other Class 101 vehicles withdrawn at the time, one-by-one sets were sold and moved either for scrap or for further use on heritage railways. Eventually, 51432 (and partner 51498) became the last DMU left in the yard, and remain stored there. The vehicle was purchased by Richard Thornton for restortion and eventual use in Wales.

In March 2009, 51432 was offered on loan for no charge provided a home was offered. The unit was offered to several heritage railways in an attempt to find it a new home, however there were no takers.

By 2012 an ownership dispute had flared up after the vehicle was moved by the MoD to the Swanage Railwayto act as a source of spares. The case subsequently went to court with 51432 in limbo.

It was June 2013 before a resolution was made. Both parties accepted that due to the vehicle having been partially stripped and the components sold (which in turn led to the offers of accommodation on several heritage railways being withdrawn) there was no realistic chance of 51432 being restored. The MoD accepted it did not own the vehicle.

51432 was therefore declared as fit for continued component recovery, which restarted in spring 2014 and was complete within 12 months.

In early 2015 the remains of the vehicle were scrapped on site.


51432 being stripped for spares at Swanage, 19/4/14. Keith Mitchell


51432 being stripped for spares at Swanage, 10/4/14. Keith Mitchell


51432 & 51498 in store at Harmans Cross, 10/11/12. Matthew Baxer


51432 & 51498 being hauled through Corfe Castle by a Class 33. The set was moved on SR metals from the delivery point at Norden to Harman's Cross for storage, 7/12. Marco Alaino


51432 & 51498 at Norden just after delivery to the Swanage Railway for spare parts recovery, 6/7/12. Keith Mitchell


51432 on a low loader making the move out of Shoeburyness, 2/7/12. Bradley Tarlton


51432 & 51498, the last of the Class 101 vehicles to remain at the MOD's Shoeburyness site, seen in deteriorating condition, 23/1/12. John Oram