51228 Class 101 Driving Motor Brake Second

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10 December 2014


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
51228 was latterly part of 101681 until being withdrawn in 2002 and split from its partner during storage at MOD Shoeburyness. Purchased by the North Norfolk Railway plc, it arrived in August 2003 and entered service in June 2004 following some bodywork repairs and a repaint into BR Blue livery. The work also included the “backdating” features of shortened gutters and the return of tungsten lighting to the interior. The brakevan reverted from grey to the original yellow colour scheme.

51228, along with partner 56062, settled into intensive programme of use on off peak services, regularly covering 5,000 miles running per year. Being the only power car on the railway, mechanical work had to be done as and when required, the set never spending particularly long out of traffic if possible.

In July 2007 an engine and gearbox were swapped, and work on the final drives was also completed.

2009/2010 saw the set taken out of service for more extensive repairs. However lack of time/resources, coupled to the fact that 51228 had received much backdating in 2004, meant than most of the work was concentrated on 56062, the set returning to traffic in June 2010. 51228 did however receive a repaint into green to match 56062.

51228 continued to see intensive use during the 2010, 2011 & 2012 seasons operating as a second train at off-peak times, along with evening duties during the tourist season plus winter running.

Winter 2012/2013 saw 51228 withdrawn for overhaul and to complete the extensive repairs which were deferred from the winter 2009/2010 programme. The vehicle's tyres had reached scrap size plus issues with the final drives required a wheelset swap. Whilst on jacks the opportunity was also taken to overhaul the brakegear and replace both engines with overhauled examples. The vehicle also received extensive bodywork, with several panel repairs (such as new window bottoms) completed and the windows resealed. At the front end, the last piece in the puzzle to return the vehicle to as built condition was fitted in the form of recreating the 4-light marker arrangement. Whilst not strictly correct for 51228 (which was built with a 2-character route indicator box) it is accurate for early build Class 101 vehicles including 51228's partner 56062 (which had its light reinstated in 2010), 51228 became the third Class 101 in preservation to carry the 4-light arrangement.

During the summer of 2013, the overhaul received a set back when the overhauled engines and gearboxes were"stolen" and fitted to another vehicle on the railway. 51228's overhaul stalled and the vehicle stored whilst resources were directed on other vehicles.

January 2014 saw work restart. The first half of the year saw the work on the interior completed, which included a cab and guards van repaint. Two new engines were also overhauled between January and August. In mid July, 51228 was moved undercover for final exterior and interior finishing. This involved the rebuilding of the No1 side guards doors and restoration of the aluminium window frames followed by a full repaint into BR Green with half yellow warning panel. The descision was made to represent the slightly later era of green after the unique Met Camm cream lining was replaced by the more common lining as applied to other classes of DMU. 51228 became only the third Class 101 in preservation to carry the livery. The interior was also completed with the saloons receiving a thorough clean, the guards van floor repainted, and the cab desk stripped back and repainted. The interior and exterior overhaul was completed in October.

Due to the locomotive department not having capcity to undertake the mechanical part of the overhaul, 51228 was placed in undercover storage where it would not deteriorate to await space in the loco overhaul programme.

Future Plans
The immediate future will see the overhaul completed when capacity becomes available in the workshops. Outstanding work includes refitting of mechanical components (engines, gearboxes & exhaust system), a bogie swap and final commisioning.

51228 will then re-enter service with 56062, or possibly 56352.


E51228 at Weybourne soon after its protracted bodywork repairs and repaint were completed, the vehicle was then returned to store to await mechanical parts and completion of its overhaul, 20/10/14. Chris Moxon


E51228 undergoing a repaint in the C&W workshops, 26/6/13. Paul Moxon


E51228 undergoing external overhaul which was deferred from the winter 2009/2010 programme, 29/12/12. Tony Smith


E51228 & E56062 pass bridge road carriage sheds on the approach to Holt, 20/6/12. Chris Moxon


E51228 & E56062 cross Bridge 303 between Weybourne and Sheringham, 20/6/12. Chris Moxon


E51228 & E56062 approach Weybourne, 20/6/12. Chris Moxon


Being shunted around Weybourne depot by a Class 03, 9/8/10. Chris Moxon


On an ECS run from Weybourne-Sheringham, 2/8/10. Chris Moxon


Operating a high season evening service, passing Dead Man's Hill, 2/8/10. Chris Moxon


Returning to Sheringham, 2/8/10. Chris Moxon


Calling at Kelling Heath Halt, 2/8/10. Chris Moxon


Returning to Sheringham on the last train of the day, 2/8/10. Chris Moxon


At Sheringham about to operate a "behind the scenes" special, 20/7/08. Chris Moxon


Framed under the road bridge at Weybourne, 20/7/08. Chris Moxon


An alternative view at Weybourne, 20/7/08. Chris Moxon


At Weybourne, 2/7/08. Chris Moxon


Rounding the curve at Bridge 299, on the approach to Holt on the last train of the day, 29/6/08. Chris Moxon


Returning to Weybourne depot, its duties completed for the day, 29/6/08. Chris Moxon


Returning to Weybourne depot, its duties completed for the day, 29/6/08. Chris Moxon


Undergoing minor mechanical work in Weybourne works, 28/6/08. Chris Moxon


Waiting time at the rebuilt Holt station, 15/8/07. Chris Moxon


Running past Dead Man's Hill, 5/8/07. Chris Moxon


Returning into Sheringham, passing the Golf Course, 5/8/07. Chris Moxon


Passing Kelling Heath Crossing, 5/8/07. Chris Moxon


Working up the 1-in-80 Kelling Bank on the last train of the day, 5/8/07. Chris Moxon


Stabled in the headshunt at Weybourne, 30/7/06. Chris Moxon


101 681 rolls into Weybourne on the North Norfolk Railway, led by 51228, 12/7/04. Daniel Adkins


51228 on the North Norfolk Railway, 12/9/03. Stuart Mackay





View of the cab controls, 26/7/08. Chris Moxon


The cab, drivers side, 26/7/08. Chris Moxon


The cab, secondmans side, 26/7/08. Chris Moxon


The front saloon, note the reinstated tungsten lighting, 26/7/08. Chris Moxon


The middle saloon, note the reinstated tungsten lighting, 26/7/08. Chris Moxon


The guards van, brightened up by original cream paint and a new floor colour, 26/7/08. Chris Moxon


View of the cab controls, 18/8/07. Chris Moxon