56062 Class 101 Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory

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North Norfolk Railway Aug 03-Present

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1 October 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
56062 was latterly part of 101655 until being withdrawn in 2002 and split from its partner during storage at MOD Shoeburyness. Purchased by the North Norfolk Railway plc, it arrived in August 2003 and entered service in June 2004 following bodywork repairs. Partner vehicle 51228 got a more thorough overhaul, along with some backdating features, 56062 settling for a quick repaint into BR Blue.

56062, along with partner 51228, settled into intensive programme of use on off peak services, regularly covering 5,000 miles running per year. Being the only first generation DMU on the railway, mechanical work had to be done as and when required, the set never spending particularly long out of traffic if possible.

Late 2009 saw the set taken out of service for more extensive repairs. Because 51228 was covered more thoroughly in 2004, 56062 had the majority of repairs. The vehicle was stripped down in the carriage works, with much bodywork around the windows (which were all removed) and other vulnerable areas. Many original features were re-instated, including the short gutters above the doors, the tungsten interior lighting, and the as-built 4-light arrangement on the cab (56062 became the first 101 in preservation to have these re-instated). The overhaul was completed after a repaint into original lined green livery with speed whiskers, the vehicle returning to traffic in June 2010.

56062 continued to see intensive use during the 2010, 2011 & 2012 seasons operating as a second train at off-peak times, along with evening duties during the tourist season plus winter running.

In late 2012 partner 51228 was withdrawn for mecanical and body overhaul, so 56062 spent a period out of service (remaining operational) while the powercar received the required repairs. Winter 2013/2014 was spent undercover in the railway's storage facility.

In 2014, 56062 was required in service with 51192 for the summer season, as the latter's partner was withdrawn for repairs. These were completed in October, 56062 returning to store once again.

Between June and August 2015, the vehicle received light bodywork repairs and a full repaint, keeping its BR Green but with the later (BR) style of lining.

In 2015 & 2016, 56062 was "warm stored" awaiting the completion of partner 51228's overhaul. Unfortunately during this period, some minor items such as switches, fuses and gauges were removed to keep other vehicles on the line operational, so 56062 was no longer available for service if needed.

During 2017, the other trailer car on the railway, 56352, had to be withdrawn from service for a repaint, so 56062 had its missing parts replaced and was returned to service for a brief period. It also ran as a hauled coach for the diesel gala, used for shunter shuttles. After the gala, 56062 was kept in the yard as an operational spare for 56352, but was not required in the end.

In July 2018 the overhaul of partner 51228 was finally coming to an end, 56062/51228 ran the full length of the line for the first time in six years during a test run, and the set was relaunched into full passenger service the following month.

56062/51228 currently form the North Norfolk Railway'sprimary operating DMU set, and consequently receives a lot of use (up to 5 days a week) for much of the year.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


E56062 at Weybourne, freshly repainted, 24/8/15. Chris Moxon


E56062 painted in first coat of gloss, 25/6/15. Chris Moxon


E56062 painted in undercoat, 11/6/15. Chris Moxon


E56062 during the rubbing down process, 4/6/15. Chris Moxon


E56062 & E51228 descend Kelling Heath bank on a Holt-Sheringham service, 20/6/12. Chris Moxon


E56062 & E51228 rest during the ample turnaround time at Sheringham prior to another trip to Holt, 20/6/12. Chris Moxon


E56062 & E51228 pass the imposing distant signal at Sheringham Golf Course, 20/6/12. Chris Moxon


Stabled in the yard during a shunt at Weybourne, 12/8/10. Chris Moxon


View of the recently refurbished cab end showing the four marker lights, 1/8/10. Chris Moxon


Stabled in the yard at Weybourne, 1/8/10. Chris Moxon


At Weybourne, 11/8/08.Daniel Adkins


Catching the sun at Weybourne, 5/8/08. Chris Moxon


Departing Weybourne bound for Sheringham, 5/8/08. Chris Moxon


Waiting for another train at Weybourne bound for Holt, 20/7/08. Chris Moxon


Rear view of the vehicle at Weybourne, 2/7/08. Chris Moxon


Underframe view of the vehicle at Weybourne, 2/7/08. Chris Moxon


56062 & 51228 in service at Weybourne, 3/10/04. David Beardmore


During restoration at Weybourne, 12/9/03. Stuart Mackay




The cab, drivers side, 26/7/08. Chris Moxon


The cab, secondmans side, 26/7/08. Chris Moxon


The front saloon, 26/7/08. Chris Moxon


The middle saloon, 26/7/08. Chris Moxon


The rear saloon, 26/7/08. Chris Moxon