51427 Class 101 Driving Motor Brake Second

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Great Central Railway

Location History

Great Central Railway 03-Present

Current Location

Great Central Railway



Current Status


Visited Railways

Peak Rail (Contract Overhaul) May 15-Jan 16

Current Livery

BR Green (Speed Whiskers)



TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)

59575 & 50321




Renaissance Railcars






Record Last Updated

23 October 2016


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
Latterly part of Sandite set 960993 with partner 50321, but modifications to this role were minimal, with most of the changes being made within the brakevan area. Moved to the Great Central with three other vehicles as part of two Sandite power twins in 2003, this vehicle was part of the set selected for immediate return to service, and was operational mechanically by September 2003.

Interior and exterior work followed with the set emerging in BR Green in 2004.

The vehicle now forms part of a power twin set which sees very regular use on the first train of the day most weekends.

In September 2012 the vehicle played a key part in the Railcar Convention held at the GCR that year, and was in use on the driver experience trips during the weekend.

In 2014, the operating set was increased to 3 cars with the addition of unique Class 111 59575.

In May 2015, 51427 was withdrawn from service and sent to Peak Rail for contract bodywork and a repaint, as it was felt that the work could not be done in house at that time. A lot of panelwork, particularly around the guards brake van, bodyside windows and cab end was found to be more asted than originally expected, however happily the original scope of work was able to be extended to include the extra body repairs, the changing of some springs and replacement of a worn engine. As part of the work a lot of the exterior fittings such as glass and door handles were removed. The vehicle was completed later in the year and returned to the Great Central the following January.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


An alternative angle of E51427, in heavy use during the GCR's wartime weekend, 4/6/16. Bruce Pollard


E51427, fresh from contract repairs/repaint, calls at Rothley, 23/4/16. Brian Battersby


E51427 undergoing contract bodywork repairs and repaint at Rowsley, 7/6/15. Brian Cuttell


E51427 being loaded onto road transport at Quorn, bound for bodywork repairs at Peak Rail, 7/5/15. Tom Ingall


E51427 bound for bodywork repairs at Peak Rail, 7/5/15. Tom Ingall


E51427 on a test run as a 3-car set with "new" centre car E59575 and usual partner E50321, 12/9/14. Bruce Pollard


E51427/E50321 at Rothley, 23/10/11. Andy Neil


E51427/E50321 at Loughborough, 23/10/11. Andy Neil


E51427 catches the sunlight through the canopy at Loughborough Central during the Diesel Gala, 17/4/10. Chris Moxon


E51427 stabled at Loughborough, 2/1/06. Simon Edwards


E51427/E50321 & 53266 at Loughborough, 17/9/05. David Beardmore


The vehicle becomes the first Class 101 in preservation to be painted into lined green. Taken just after the whiskers had been applied in Loughborough shed, 9/4/05.Tom Ingall


Stabled at Loughborough, 2/1/04. Ian Francis


Stabled at Loughborough, 12/11/03. Stuart Mackay




51427's front saloon, 23/10/11. Andy Neil


51427's middle saloon, 23/10/11. Andy Neil