59539 Class 101 Trailer Composite Lavatory

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North Yorkshire Moors Railway

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Mid Norfolk Railway 04-Mar 06

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North Yorkshire Moors Railway


North Yorkshire Moors Railway Mar 06-Present

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BR Green



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50160 & 50164




North Yorkshire Moors DMU Group






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1 October 2017


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Preservation Information
59539 was one of two centre cars which were the last to run on the national network during the 1990's (the other being 59303). They were stored in 1997 at Blackpool carriage sidings where they were to lay for seven years, becoming very faded in the sea air in the process! Following lengthy negotiations with owners Angel Trains during the first few years of the 21st Century, both vehicles were happily saved for preservation. 59539 moved to the Mid Norfolk Railway where it joined 59117 which was, at the time, the only class 101 centre car preserved.

However the vehicle was sold just over 12 months later and it expanded the North Yorkshire Moors' Class 101 set to 3 cars.

Sadly 59539 was the subject of a vandal attack and interior damage was sustained. However the vehicle was fairly quickly repaired.

In June 2007, 59539 reentered service, now oprating with 50204 & 51511. The set worked July-October.

During 2008, the set worked in January, May, June, September & October

In 2009, the vehicle was used as hauled stock in January before running as a DMU again every month except December.

During 2010 the vehicle worked every month except January, May, June, November & December.

In 2011 the vehicle worked every month except January, April & July. During September & October, 50204 was used hauled stock.

During 2012 the vehicle worked every month except November & December.

59539 saw service just into 2013, working on the 1st-3rd January before being withdrawn for overhaul.

In July 2014 59539 was attacked by vandals who smashed a bodyside window. Thankfully this was quickly repaired.

February 2015 saw 59539 re-enter service in a new 3-car formation, in between visiting powercars 50160 & 50164, which had been hired by the North Yorkshire Moors to cover for 50204 & 51511 while they were thoroughly overhauled. 2015 was to prove a very busy year for 59539, being used for 68 days that year.

During 2016, DMU services on the NYMR continued to be provided with 50160/59539/50164 for a total of 56 days. This included some relatively high profile feeder services when the Flying Scotsman steam locomotive was in service in March. 59539's roof had been looking a little shabby so during the late Summer the vehicle was taken into the Carriage and Wagon workshop to have the roof repainted. The improved paintwork allowed 59539 to again look respectable alongside the steam fleet.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


A view of the vandal damage sustained to the window, 7/7/14. Kev Yeoman


59539 without its powercars, 7/7/08. David Beardmore


59539 fresh from the paint shop on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Jan 07. Kev Yeoman


59539 just after arriving at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, 3/06. Alistair Dalgleish




The corner of 59539's rear saloon, seen just after arriving at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, 3/06. Alistair Dalgleish