51226 Class 101 Driving Motor Brake Second

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Mid Norfolk Railway 03-Present

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Mid Norfolk Railway



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BR Green (Speed Whiskers)



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Mid Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust






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1 January 2018


Preservation Modifications
The seating has been modified to a 2+2 configuration to create a wider aisle, fed by an enlarged partition between the brake van and middle saloon, to facilitate wheelchair access via the brake van double door. This has had the effect of reducing the vehicle's capacity to 40 passengers.

Preservation Information
Arrived at Dereham in 2003 from Shoeburyness, with partner vehicle 51499 as set 101695. The set was selected for preservation due to general good condition and very good wheelsets. Restoration progress was slow due to few volunteers.

51226 was the first car out of the set to enter traffic in 2008 (temporarily paired with 51503 from set L836) and running on one engine only due to a final drive axle bearing failure.

By early 2009 body & interior restoration was 90% complete, mechanical restoration being 80% complete. The second vehicle, 51499, joined 51226 in time for the 2009 summer season.

Since 2009 51226 & 51499 have operated a large number of the MNR's day-to-day services.

Future Plans
The vehicle is currently running on 1 engine pending acquisition of spare power bogie from somewhere to enable a bogie swap facilitating repair of failed bearing & drive.


51226/51499 wait time at Wymondham Abbey prior to returning to Dereham, 2/7/17. Derek Orr


51226/51499 on the Hoe extension, 20/2/16. Derek Orr


51226/51499 stabled at Dereham during the Multiple Matters gala awaiting their next turn of duty, 1/11/14. Chris Moxon


A soggy 51226/51499 for the service train at Wymondham Abbey, 10/8/14. Richard Moxon


51226 & 51499 stabled at Dereham, 17/6/12. Chris Moxon


51226/51499 on the rarely used section north of Dereham, 22/9/11. GT47581


51226 & 51499 arriving into Dereham as a two car set. This set ran most of the line's services during 2009, 30/7/09. Chris Moxon


51226 & 51503 arriving into Dereham ready to operate the first train of the day, 2/7/08. Chris Moxon


51226 & 51503 appraoching the outskirts of Dereham, 2/7/08. Chris Moxon


51226 & 51503 running throguh the woods close to Hardingham, 2/7/08. Chris Moxon


51226 & 51503 arriving into Kimberley park, one of the Mid Norfolk Railway's three intermediate stations, 2/7/08. Chris Moxon


51226 stabled at Dereham, 15/3/08. Simon Edwards


51226 is seen part way through a repaint, 2/8/07. Daniel Adkins


51226, 51499, 51434, 59117 & 51503 forn a 5-car Class 101 at Dereham, 16/3/07. Martin Reeve


51226 undergoing restoration work at Dereham, 17/3/06. David Beardmore