59303 Class 101 Trailer Second Lavatory

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Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

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Midland Railway Butterley 04-Apr 10

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Ecclesbourne Valley Railway


Ecclesbourne Valley Railway Apr 10-Present

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BR Green



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Partner Vehicle(s)

50170 & 50253




101692 Group






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13 November 2018


Preservation Modifications
Four second class seats have been removed from the rear saloon reducing the vehicle's seating capacity by 8.

Preservation Information
59303 was one of the very last two Class 101 centre cars to be retained for use on the national network. 59303 was used for several summers to strengthen set 101683 but ended up dumped at Blackpool Carriage Sidings for seven years, along with the other surviving centre car 59539. When the vehicles were eventually allowed to be purchased for preservation (both were saved), 59303 was acquired by the 101692 Group and moved to the Midland Railway Butterley where it was quickly repainted into 101692's unique Strathclyde Blue livery, entering traffic in 2005.

However only limited restoration work had been undertaken, and the vehicle was stored in 2006/2007 awaiting its turn for overhaul. From 2008-2011, the vehicle was transformed with a full interior and exterior restoration. Externally: bodywork was undertaken, gutters shortened to their original configuration and corridor connections rebuilt followed by a full repaint into original green livery. Underneath saw the running gear and bogies serviced, cleaned and repainted. The interior got similar treatment, being stripped out with all components being stripped then cleaned and/or repainted. The orange Formica was covered over in a timber effect (closer resembling a more appropriate appearance) and the strip lighting was replaced with original tungsten lights. The seat frames were also repainted and the doors rebuilt. The seat cushions were reclaimed from 79900 after that vehicle received new reupholstered seating.

All this work was shared by the Midland Railway Butterley and the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, the vehicle moving ito the latter part way through the restoration process in April 2010. In April 2011, the vehicle was relaunched into passenger service. The vehicle did not operate in a fixed formation and could be found operating in a variety of sets.

In July 2014, a muliple working socket was replaced and rewired.

The completion of the restoration of Class 101 50253 in September 2015 allowed a fixed formation green liveried Class 101 set to be formed, consisting of 50253 with 59303 and 50170.

59303 continues to see regular use on the line in this 3-car formation.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


E59303 paired with its normal powercars at Duffield during the annual railcar gala, 19/5/18. Chris Moxon


E59303, now in a Class 101 green liveried 3-car set, at Shottle on a driver experience run during the Railcar Association convention weekend, 25/9/15. Barry Knapper


E59303 in service at Duffield during the railway's Multiple Memories gala. E59303 was operating the 15:15 Wirksworth-Duffield in multiple with Class 119 W51073 and Class 101 E51505, 9/8/14. Chris Moxon


E59303 seen stabled at Wirkswiorth on an Easter Monday, not required for that day's duties. At the time, the vehicle was formed with Class 117 51360 and Class 101 50170, 1/4/13. Chris Moxon


Approaching completion at Wirksworth, note the refurbished doors recently completed, 13/3/11. Ecclesbourne Valley Railway


Restoration now underway at Butterley, 29/3/08. Chris Moxon


In this early 2008 shot it's been painted into green. Stuart Mackay


In storage at Swanwick Junction, 1/4/07. Chris Moxon


59303 stored at Swanwick Junction, 26/7/06. Brian Battersby


59303 is 692's original centre car from Haymarket days, but it's the first time it's carried this livery! 9/10/05. Paul Moxon


59303 at Butterley on the Midland Railway Centre, 20/10/04. Stuart Mackay




E59303's front saloon, 1/4/13. Chris Moxon


E59303's middle saloon, 1/4/13. Chris Moxon


E59303's rear saloon, showing the removed second class seating, 1/4/13. Chris Moxon


View of the now completed interior, 13/3/11. Ecclesbourne Valley Railway


The first completed seat for the vehicle, 6/3/11. Ecclesbourne Valley Railway


Later the same day the first saloon was complete, 6/3/11. Ecclesbourne Valley Railway


The first rebuilt door at Wirksworth, 21/1/11. Ecclesbourne Valley Railway


The repainted seat frames being fitted in the middle saloon, 21/11/10. Ecclesbourne Valley Railway


View of the front saloon after some restoration work. This vehicle is quite rare in being an all-second toilet fitted vehicle, unlike most Class 101 vehicles which had a first class section at the front. The lino and Formica has been cleaned, heater ducts refurbished and tungsten lighting fitted, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


View of the middle saloon before most of the restoration work. Compare this view with those of the other saloons, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon


View of the rear saloon after some restoration work. The lino and Formica has been cleaned, heater ducts refurbished and tungsten lighting fitted, 28/3/09. Chris Moxon