50204 Class 101 Driving Motor Brake Second

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North Yorkshire Moors Railway

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North Yorkshire Moors Railway Nov 04-Present

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North Yorkshire Moors Railway



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BR Green (Half Yellow Panel)



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North Yorkshire Moors DMU Group






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14 November 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
Latterly part of 101680, it was one of last Class 101 sets in service on the national network. This vehicle was originally considered for the national collection, however 51192 was later selected instead.

The set was preserved for the NYMR as Class 101’s were synonymous with the local rail services in that area.

Restoration work started immediately, and 50204 was operating crew training runs by April 2005.

On 18th June 2005, 50204 (with partner 51511) entered public service at the “Moors 65” event, then worked every month (except November) on the railway.

During 2006 the vehicle worked every month except February & March.

In 2007, 50204 & 51511 worked in February & April-June before being boosted t a 3-car set with the additon of 59539. The set then continued working in July-October

During 2008, the set worked in January, May, June, September & October

In 2009, the vehicle was used as hauled stock in January before running under its own power, reduced to a 2-car set in early February. By mid February however the set was back to 3-cars and continued in service every month except December.

During 2010 the vehicle worked every month except January, May, June, November & December.

In 2011 the vehicle worked every month except January, April & July. During September & October, 50204 was used hauled stock.

During 2012 the vehicle worked every month except November & December.

50204 saw service just into 2013, working on the 1st-3rd January before being withdrawn for overhaul. It was stored at Pickering to await works to start.

In February 2017, 50204 was towed from Pickering to Grosmont, where it remained in storage.

From 2013 to the present day, 50204 has been kept in storage as it has not been possible to raise the required funds and create a workable overhaul plan for the vehicle.

Future Plans
50204 is due to receive an overhaul in the future when resources allow.


50204 is seen in storage at Pickering, with extensive bodywork now required, 5/9/15. Chris Moxon


50204/59539/51511 near Beck Hole, 3/1/13.


50204/59539/51511 stand at Grosmont, 19/9/10. John Carter


50204/59539/51511 call at Goathland, 20/3/10. John Carter


50204 is seen operating as a 3-car set at Pickering. Murray Brown


At Pickering, 6/5/06. James Addison


E50204/E51511 await departure from Pickering, 6/5/06.


E50204/E51511 await departure from Levisham, 2006.


50204 is seen with 51511 at Goathland during Moors65 event which was it's debut into traffic, 19/6/05. Kev Yeoman