50211 Class 101 Driving Motor Brake Second (Cab Only)

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Private Site: Denbigh

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Private Site: Swansea Dec 03-Jul 07

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Private Site: Denbigh


Private Site: Denbigh Jul 07-Present

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Under Restoration



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Regional Railways




Richard Thornton






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14 November 2018


Preservation Modifications
None, other than the obvious fact that the cab has been sliced off the original (scrapped) vehicle!

Preservation Information
NE 50211 was built as a class 101 Driving Motor Brake Second by Metro-Cammell of Birmingham, entering traffic in June 1957 at Sunderland depot.  By 1960 it had transferred to Darlington, becoming E50211 in January 1965 with the demise of the North Eastern Region, and remained there until the late 1970’s.  The car was then transferred to Heaton depot, undergoing refurbishment at Doncaster works in 1982, and renumbering to E53211 in April 1983 - to avoid confusion with class 50 locomotives on TOPS.  Following a brief stay at Neville Hill in the early 1990’s (where it became 53211, losing its ‘E’ prefix with the abolition of the regions) a final move to Longsight came in 1995, remained ther until withdrawal in January 2002.  After 44 years service, 53211 was scrapped in December 2003 by Gwent Demolition.

Fortunately, the cab had been carefully removed from the body, however the driver’s desk had been completely stripped, and both doors damaged when it was lifted away from the body.  The buffers had also been removed ‘for ease of transport’.

It then spent time in storage in Swansea and Denbigh.

In April 2015, a start was made on the cab's restoration some 10 years after the original preservation. Initial work saw the cab stripped out and the components assessed and their restorations started. The restoration work was intended to act as a trial run for the much larger project of rebuilding Class 103 56160. By July of 2015, new cab window surrounds had been machined from sapele, a new handbrake linkage cover had been fabricated, and various ceiling components had been restored ready for refitting.

Since then, restoration of 50211's cab has slowed as the owner also has a full size Class 103 vehicle in the collection. As the restoration of this vehicle gained momentum, understandably less time has been available to dedicate to 50211.

Future Plans
Restoration as a static display.


The cab just after restoration had started, 4/15. Richard Thornton


The cab just after restoration had started, 4/15. Richard Thornton


53211's set number, 14/1/12. Richard Thornton




Restored ceiling components, 7/15. Richard Thornton


The stripped out interior shortly after restoration had started, 4/15. Richard Thornton


53211's unrestored interior in storage, 14/1/12. Richard Thornton


The unrestored cab area inside 53211, 14/1/12. Richard Thornton