56356 Class 101 Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory

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Barry Island Railway

Location History

Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway 96-Nov 11

Current Location

Barry Island Railway


Great Central Railway (North) Nov 11-13

Current Status

Under Restoration


Barry Island Railway 13-Present

Current Livery

Non Standard Green & Cream



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Record Last Updated

1 July 2014


Preservation Modifications
Heavy modifications in BR days to enable the vehicle to be an observation saloon have not been revered in preservation.

Preservation Information
Converted into an observation saloon and renumbered 6300 by British Rail, the vehicle was very heavily modified before withdrawal in 1993. It was latterly stored at Inverness from 1993-1996 where several windows were broken.

In 1996 the vehicle was purchased for preservation by Andrew Goodman and was moved to the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway via MC Metals for asbestos contamination inspection.

For seven years (until 2003) the vehicle was historically significant as being the only Class 101 driving trailer vehicle in preservation, however this importance was lost following the mass preservation of ex-Manchester Class 101 sets where nine further DTCL vehicles were saved from scrap.

Whilst at the G&WR, the vehicle never operated in passenger service and remained in storage as a long term project. The vehicle deteriorated considerably over the years and ended up in a poor condition.

In 2011, following a change of plans, the vehicle was put up for sale and was purchased by the Great Central Railway (North), relocating to their base at Ruddington in November of that year. It was planned for the vehicle to retain its role as an observation saloon, and form part of the GCRN’s coaching stock where, following refurbishment and re-fit,it would be used in conjunction with the MK1 vacuum braked set. However the work was not undertaken and the vehicle was put up for sale again in February 2013.

In 2013, the vehicle was purchased and relocated to the Barry Island Railway who started work to improve 56356's condition.

Future Plans
To complete the restoration of the vehicle as a loco-hauled observation saloon.


6300, undergoing restoration inside the depot at Barry, 7/2/14. Nick Wilcock


6300 stored at Ruddington, 11/2/12. Mike Gill


6300 in store at Winchcombe, 17/12/05. Simon Edwards


6300 / stored at Winchcombe on the Gloucester & Warwickshire Railway, 5/11/05. Carl Watson