Spa Valley Railway

The Spa Valley Railway is a five and a half mile line which runs between Royal Tonbridge Wells and Eridge. The route had junctions with the mainline at both ends, and while the interchange station at Eridge survives, the line was severed for a short section in Tonbridge Wells. Based at Tonbridge Wells West in the surviving engine shed, the railway started operation over half a mile of track in 1996.

In 1998, a further three miles to Groombridge were opened, and another 1 mile to the mainline junction at Birchden in 2005.

2011 saw the final extension into the station at Eridge, which involves a (currently unique in preservation) 1 mile section of parallel running with Network Rail before the interchange station is met.

The railway has a modest collection of DMU vehicles, which have not exactly been used extensively over the years. A 2-car Class 115 set is resident and under long term restoration. This was joined in 2004 by a Class 101 trailer car which has been put to use as a loco hauled observation saloon. It has not however been majorly modified for this role and retains its capability as a DMU vehicle, which has been demonstrated on occasion by operating with one of the Class 115 power cars during test runs.

51669 Class 115 DMBS
51849 Class 115 DMBS
56408 Class 101 DTCL