51205 Class 101 Driving Motor Brake Second

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Cambrian Railway (Lynclys)

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Cambrian Railway (Lynclys) Apr 05-Present

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Cambrian Railway (Lynclys)



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Green (Plain End)



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Cambrian Railways Trust






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28 May 2017


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
Preserved as part of two 2-car sets for the fledgling Cambrian Railway at Llynclys. Mechanical work started immediately with 51205 first operating with 56055 in May 2005. However by June it was decided to reform the two sets and 51205 was pared with 51512 as they were the best two vehicles.

51205 & 51512 then formed the primary operating set with the others forming as a maintenance spare. By July 2005, 51205 had been repainted green and formed the railway’s opening train, with lining out completed about 12 months later.

In 2007, 51205 required attention so swapped positions with 51187. Since 2007 the vehicle has been under sporadic restoration.

During 2011, electrical faults were being attended to. 51205 had a stalling engine. Refurbished injectors and a fuel pump did not cure the problem which remains to be solved.

51205 was formed with DTCL 56055 and re-entered service for the 2013 running season, enabling the other set, 51187/51512 to be withdrawn for bodywork repairs.

Future Plans
To complete the repair work after restoration efforts on other CR vehicles are completed.


51205/56055 about to start the day's services at Lynclys. 51187 can be seen stored on the right, 19/5/17. Ian Bell


51205/56055 in service at Lynclys, 16/5/15. Robin Harrison


51205 under repair, 27/7/13. David Beardmore


51205 under overhaul at Lynclys, 28/7/12. Chris Bell


51205, in primer on the No1 side, in service at Lynclys, 6/6/08. 40011 Mauretania


51205 stabled at Lynclys, 27/8/07. Simon Edwards


Shortly after arrival at Lynclys, 30/5/05. Mac Winfield