51187 Class 101 Driving Motor Brake Second

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Cambrian Railway (Lynclys)

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Cambrian Railway (Lynclys) Aug 04-Present

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Cambrian Railway (Lynclys)



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Green (Plain End)



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Cambrian Railways Trust






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28 May 2017


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
Preserved as part of two 2-car sets for the fledgling Cambrian Railway at Llynclys. Mechanical work was undertaken in 2005 to get the vehicle operating, alongside other arrival 51512, which it was paired with. The set first moved in May 2005, although 51512 was providing the power.

It was later decided to reform the two sets and 51187 was pared with 56055 as 51205/51512 were in better condition. 51187 therefore became part of the maintenance spare with the other two as the primary operating set. The vehicle was repainted into green during summer 2006.

In March 2007 a £10,000 Lottery Grant enabled the full restoration of 51187 and partner 56055 to progress. In October 2007, following a year rebuilding the engines and refurbishing many other seized and missing parts, the vehicle was moving under its own power and entered passenger service replacing 51205.

From 2007, 51187 and 51512 operated most of the CR's passenger services.

During summer 2009, 51187/51512 were used as hauled coaching stock as the railway had no other serviceable passenger stock.

51187 & 51512 continued to operate all passenger services on the railway, during this time the bodywork deteriorated somewhat.

In October 2012, 51187 was officially taken out of service for some bodywork repairs, after the vehicle was able to be replaced by a newly restored brake van & Mk1 coach combination. Loose rust was removed from the windows in October and the areas treated, however restoration work was stopped in 2013 to allow the team to concentrate on 51512.

51187 is currently in storage awaiting resources for its bodywork overhaul to be resumed.

Future Plans
To resume bodywork repairs and then repaint the vehicle, along with some mechanical repairs.


51187 stored at Lynclys, 16/5/15. Robin Harrison


51187/51512 in service at Lynclys, 28/7/12. Chris Bell


51187, now repainted into green, at Lynclys, 27/8/07. Simon Edwards


51187 & 51512 at Lynclys during their first year in preservation, still in Strathclyde orange livery, 12/3/05. Simon Edwards




51187's middle saloon, 28/7/12. Chris Bell