51512 Class 101 Driving Motor Composite Lavatory

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Cambrian Railway (Lynclys) Jul 04-Present

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Cambrian Railway (Lynclys)



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28 May 2017


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
Preserved as part of two 2-car sets for the fledgling Cambrian Railway at Llynclys. Mechanical work was undertaken in 2005 to get the vehicle operating, alongside other arrival 51187, which it was initially paired with. The set first moved in May 2005 with 51512 proving the power.

However by June it was decided to reform the two sets and 51512 was pared with 51205 as they were the best two vehicles. This formed the primary operating set with the 51187/56055 as a maintenance spare. By July 2005, 51512 had been repainted green and formed the railway’s opening train, with lining out completed about 12 months later.

From 2005, 51512 operated most of the CR's passenger services.

During summer 2009, 51512/51187 were used as hauled coaching stock as the railway had no other serviceable passenger stock.

51512 & 51187 continued to operate all passenger services on the railway, during this time the bodywork deteriorated somewhat.

In October 2012, 51512 was officially taken out of service for some bodywork repairs, after the vehicle was able to be replaced by a newly restored brake van & Mk1 coach combination. Loose rust was removed from the windows in October and the areas treated. In November 2012, all seating, panels and luggage racks were removed from the drivers side of the vehicle. Each passenger door was removed, rebuilt and refitted one at a time. The interior sliding doors were also overhauled and a roof leak repaired. In the cab, the rust and loose paint were removed from the metalwork and the seat reupholstered, as well as new panels and screws fitted to the desk itself.

2013 saw work on the exterior of 51512 progress during the summer. The arrival of replacement window surrounds (cut to size) enabled three bodyside windows on the driver's side to be removed and the rotten surrounding steel repaired. This was followed by the refitting of the windows, cleaned up and with replacement rubber seals, and much sanding and filing to achieve a flat bodyside post-repair work. The work was finished by applying a coat of grey primer down the drivers side and also to the cab end. Work on the exterior doors also progressed, with two out of the three being refitted. In the winter, progress was made on the interior with cleaned Formica being refitted to the front saloon followed by the repainting of the ceiling and refitting of the seating.

Early 2014 saw the rear saloon on the No1 side reassembled with cleaned Formica, the ceiling repaired and repainted and the seating repainted. By April weather had improved enouh for more exterior work, with the rear saloon on the No2 side receiving metal repairs and then bodywork. The roof was also attended to, with the lower section being repainted and the vent cover plates resealed.

51512 remains under restoration and is currently receiving further bodywork repairs and interior restoration.

Future Plans
To complete the overhaul work and return 51512 to service.


51512 under restoration at Lynclys in primer, 19/5/17. Ian Bell


51512 under restoration at Lynclys, 16/5/15. Robin Harrison


Restoration of the roof in progress on 51512, 2014. Cambrian Heritage Railways


Bodywork repairs to the No2 side, 2014. Cambrian Heritage Railways


51512 now in primer, 2013. Cambrian Heritage Railways


51512 having had cab end repairs, 2013. Cambrian Heritage Railways


51512 receiving bodywork repairs, 27/7/13. David Beardmore


Classic cab end corrosion seen on 51512, 2013. Cambrian Heritage Railways


51512/51187 in service at Pant, 28/7/12. Chris Bell


51512 stabled at Lynclys, 10/9/06. Simon Edwards


51512 stabled at Lynclys, 12/3/05. Simon Edwards




The middle saloon undergoing restoration work, 2014. Cambrian Heritage Railways


The ex-first class saloon undergoing restoration work, 2013. Cambrian Heritage Railways


One of the side doors undergoing restoration work, 2013. Cambrian Heritage Railways


The cab undergoing restoration work, 2013. Cambrian Heritage Railways


The cab undergoing restoration work, 2013. Cambrian Heritage Railways


The driver's controls, 28/7/12. Chris Bell


51512's front saloon, 28/7/12. Chris Bell