Cmbrian Railway (Llynclys)

The railways around Oswestry are progressively being revived by several organisations, now working together, including the Cambrian Railways Society and the Cambrian Railways Trust. The latter have had an operating base at Llynclys since 2001.

The modest railway runs from Llynclys to Pant, which was rebuilt from nothing over around 5 years, the first passengers being carried in July 2005, using class 101s. Services have remained since in the hands of DMUs, occasionally hauled by hired in steam locomotives or resident diesel shunting locomotives.

In 2012 DMU operation had to stop as overhaul work was required to both the interiors and mechanics of the resident units.

51187 Class 101 DMBS
51205 Class 101 DMBS
51512 Class 101 DMCL
56055 Class 101 DTCL