50193 Class 101 Driving Motor Composite Lavatory

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14 November 2018


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
Latterly part of Sandite set 960992 with partner 50203, but modifications to this role were minimal. Moved to the Great Central with three other vehicles as part of two Sandite power twins in 2003, this vehicle was part of the set not selected for immediate return to service, so was put into store awaiting restoration.

In April 2005 the vehicle's place in Renaissance Railcars' collection was effectively taken by DMCL 50266 which was originally purchased as a source of spare parts but proved to be in better condition than 50193.

Since then, the vehicle has been nominated as the spares donor for the other four powercars and has been stripped of parts as required.

Future Plans
The vehicle will be retained as a strategic spare for the two Class 101 sets owned by the group and there are no plans for restoration. 50193 is the only Class 101 to survive with string luggage racks, so these may be removed and installed in another running vehicle in the future.


A rare view of 50193/50203 visible from passing trains at Swithland Sidings. Normally the set was tucked away on sidings further back, impossible to photograph from public areas, 23/2/14. Chris Moxon


50193 & 50203 in store at Swithland Sidings, seen as part of an evening tour during the Railcar Convention, 8/9/12. Chris Moxon


In storage at Loughborough Central, 12/9/04. Simon Edwards


Another view in Loughborough station, 2/1/04. Ian Francis


Not long after arriving, stabled in Loughborough Central station, 12/11/03. Stuart Mackay