56408 Class 101 Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory

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Spa Valley Railway Feb 04-Present

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Spa Valley Railway



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Operational (Hauled Stock)



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Southern Region Malachite Green



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18 September 2015


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
56408 was latterly part of set 101654 and was withdrawn from the Manchester area in the early 2000’s. It was selected for preservation by the Spa Valley Railway who were looking for a vehicle to run with a 115 powercar and be able to be used as an observation saloon.

The vehicle arrived at the railway in 2004 and was quickly repainted into Southern Region green to match the railways locomotive hauled coaching stock. Extra lamp irons were fitted to the cab end, presumably to carry a large headboard, but these were later removed.

The vehicle has operated with Class 115 51669 but not in regular passenger service. Most use has been as an observation saloon.

Inside, the seats were reupholstered in an appropriate green pattern, and the orange Formica painted over in white to smaerten the vestibule areas.

In 2011, the vehicle became one of the first SVR trains to run along their new extension to Eridge, carrying personnel during test/press runs with Class 37 37254. The vehicle was also able to be propelled during these crucial operations prior to the grand opening.

56408 sees regular use in the railway's loco hauled coaching stock set.

Future Plans
To maintain in service


56408 performs its usual role of operating as loco hauled stock, this time at Eridge during a diesel gala attatched to a visiting Class 25, 1/8/15. Richard Moxon


56408 stabled at Tonbridge Wells West, 15/7/12. 15038


56408 stands at Groombridge whilst on the rear of a loco hauled service during the line's summer diesel gala. The gantry is part of the Groombridge resignalling prject which aims to double the capacity of the line by installing a passing loop, 6/8/11. Chris Moxon


56408 stands at Groombridge whilst on the rear of a loco hauled service during the line's summer diesel gala. The vehcile is now regularly in use as an observation saloon, and has received the Southern Region coaching stock green liver to match the other coaches in the rake, 6/8/11. Chris Moxon


56408 stands at Eridge during the line's summer diesel gala. This was the first diesel event to include running into the mainline interchange station at Eridge, a long held ambition of the Spa Valley Railway. 56408 (propelled by a Class 37) was one of the first trains to travel down the (unique in preservation) 1 mile section of paralel running with Network Rail, 6/8/11. Chris Moxon


56408 undertaking poineering runs along the SVR's Eridge extension, 11/3/11. twpudd


56408 stabled at Tonbridge Wells, 1/8/08. David Beardmore


56408 with Class 115 51669 at Tunbridge Wells. Stuart Pay


56408 at the Spa Valley, 6/6/04. Peter Wreford




56408's front saloon. Note the blue Formica which has survived refurbishment when this saloon was declassified from firstto second class, 6/8/11. Chris Moxon


56408's middle saloon. Note the green Formica which has survived refurbishment during the 1970's/1980's, 6/8/11. Chris Moxon


56408's rear saloon, including the toilet. The seating looks very smart having been reupholstered, 6/8/11. Chris Moxon


A vestibule in 56408. The orange Formica has been painted white, 6/8/11. Chris Moxon