51568 Class 108 Driving Motor Composite Lavatory

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Keith & Dufftown Railway

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East Anglian Railway Museum Apr 95-01

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Keith & Dufftown Railway


Keith & Dufftown Railway 01-Present

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BR Green (Half Yellow Panel)

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Private Site: Horsham (Storage) Mar 94-Apr 95

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Keith & Dufftown Railway






Record Last Updated

30 July 2016


Preservation Modifications
Named "Spirit of Banffshire"

Preservation Information
51568 was latterly stored at Blackpool after withdrawal in February 1993. Preserved the following year by Diesel Unit Preservation Associates Limited (DUPA), the vehicle was moved to the East Anglian Railway Museumwhere it joined a growing fleet of Class 108 vehicles.

An engine replacement saw the unit operational very quickly. It was also repainted into BR Green livery and partnered with 52053 by Easter 1996.

However the size of the fleet combined with the EARM's small running line resulted in 51568 not seeing much use. The vehicle, still paired with 52053, was put on loan to the then embryonic Keith & Dufftown Railwayin 2001, where it was named "Spirit of Banffshire".

When DUPA decided to downsize their Class 108 fleet to one 2-car set, they disposed of 51568 and the vehicle was sold to long term custodians the KDR.

Since 2010, the arrival of new vehicles and maintenance requirements meant that 51568 now operates with several different partners.

51568 remains in traffic and is one of a fleet of five Class 108 vehicles which operate all of the KDR's ordinary passenger services.

Future Plans
To maintain in service.


51568 stabled at Dufftown, 19/8/11. Ian McLoughlin


51568 proudly bears its name, 19/8/09. Brian Battersby


51568 & 52053 stabled at Dufftown, 17/5/08. David Beardmore


51568 just after repainting at the East Anglian Railway Museum in preparation for going on hire to the Keith & Dufftown Railway, July 2001. Lawrence Beeching