50645 Class 108 Driving Motor Composite Lavatory

Home Railway

Great Central Railway (North)

Location History

Bodmin & Wenford Railway ?-?

Current Location

Great Central Railway (North)


Great Central Railway (North) ?-Present

Current Status

Under Restoration



Current Livery

BR Blue & Grey



TRA Designation



Partner Vehicle(s)





Ruddington DMU Group






Record Last Updated

5 December 2015


Preservation Modifications

Preservation Information
It is presumed 50645 was preserved in the early 1990's in common with most Class 108 vehicles.

Photographic evidence would suggest that the vehicle was initially partnered with DMBS 51947 at the Bodmin & Wenford Railway. However it is clear that at some point it was moved onto the GCR(N) and partnered with 50926. Any further information of these arrangements would be welcome.

During the first 15 years at the GCR(N), the vehicle appears to have seen little if any use.

However in 2011 the vehicle came under control of a new management team who aim was to actively push forward the restoration of the vehicle to operational condition. The team was made up of two of the original owners plus two new members with all four parties owning a quarter share.

In 2011 work was concentrated on the roof of the vehicle so as to ensure it is water tight before interior work starts. A large number of the rivets which join the sheet sections together were been replaced with modern polyurethane sealant being used between the roof joints to ensure a water tight joint. All the original roof covering was removed and then painted with a specialist etch primer and multiple coats of undercoat and top coat.

In 2012 50645 was moved undercover where the dome and windscreens were removed and the rotten metal work around the drivers end cut out. Whilst parts were being sourced, the air system was pumped up to check for leaks. Sadly this revealed a hole in the in-board main reservoir tank and a missing 4th gear EP valve both of which needed addressing. With these leaks were temporarily plugged, the system held pressure successfully. By Winter 2012/13, work was concentrating on repairing a damaged cab end bufferbeam which was distorted following BR era accident damage, the two buffers were also removed for overhaul.

By 2014 work was focussing on the cab end, with the roof dome removed and all the steelwork receiving heavy repairs.

2015 saw progress made on rebuilding the two engines.

Work is ongoing on stripping paint, cleaning and painting of all the lower sections of the bodysides.

Future Plans
Both engines from 50645 are currently removed and will be rebuilt ready for fitting.


One of 50645's engines stripped down for overhaul, 24/5/15. Mark Russell


53645 now stripped back at the front end showing framework repairs, 21/714. Mark Russell


53645, showing the frame repairs and removed roof dome, 4/5/14. Mark Russell


A replacement bufferbeam is test fitted onto the cab end of 53645 prior to rivoting, 21/2/13. Mark Russell


53645 undergoing major cab end bodywork repairs, 15/4/12. Mark Russell


53645 awaiting shed space at Ruddington, 11/2/12. DC-7C


53645 undergoing restoration work at Ruddington, 15/5/11. David Beardmore


53645, now having had some cab platework done at Ruddington, 17/5/09. Simon Edwards


50645 in store at Ruddington, 3/5/04. Simon Edwards


50645 in store at the Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre, Ruddington, 20/7/01. Stuart Mackay